The Coolest Inventions in Dr. Stone | Get In The Robot

– Okay, I think it’s high time we talk about the runaway hit of the year that is a contender for the best new anime of 2019 Doctor Stone Sorry Yedoye What, you thought I was gonna say demon slayer because I would ya know, I love both shows, you don’t have to choose It’s […]

Chubby Mermaid: The Series! Episode 6

Subscribe to my channel, and follow me on social media! Pizza Pirate Delivery Burger Chief Furley Floral Arrangements DeWitt Banking Roper Jewelry Company Sally’s Veterinarian Services Dreams come true… …even though they don’t always end up exactly as you imagined Episode 6: “Catfish are bi. (half-cat half-fish)”

Chubby Mermaid: The Series! Episode 5

Subscribe to my channel! Help me get to 1,000,000 subscribers! episode 5: Mama Return my daughter to me. Mama Wasted. King Crab! To the right! To the right! I want to play, too!!! To the left! Dead end. Well done, idiot. Don’t hurt mama! Goodbye, mama. Mama! Mama! When I heard that word… …my body […]

Best Wine For Grilled Eel フランス女が鰻に合う最強ワインを選ぶ

Chubby Mermaid

Круглолицая Русалка “Queenfish” Emezie доступна на iTunes и Кто-то бросил камень, и он попал прямо в тебя. Затем ты упал в воду без сознания. Злые пираньи уже собирались сожрать тебя… Но я вовремя спасла тебя. Новинка! Мармелад “Гамми” со вкусом халапеньо и сыра Королева рыб Сом Я люблю его! А я люблю мармеладных мишек! […]

Chubby Mermaid: The Series! Episode 1

Credits to me(FriskNope) for making the captions, I didn’t know the lyrics so I tried my best ;-; EDIT: fixed by Emezie I can ship this. I can ship that. I ship it all… I ship it fast! You don’t have to pay me for shipping next day. See, I ship for free… I ship […]