Antibiotics DO Go Through to the Baby – It Can Make Them Colicky ❤️

Hi, so it’s Wednesday and I think I’ve seen this four times this week already – parents coming in and saying to me that they were told that antibiotics wouldn’t affect their baby if the baby had antibiotics. Or, and more often the case, if the mum takes antibiotics that they don’t go through to […]

4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About this Week – Episode 9

Back again… with 4 awesome discoveries you probably didn’t hear about this week. Do no harm. That’s the goal of this new device… invented for scientists to safely catch and release soft-bodied ocean creatures for study. These critters are notoriously tough to grab with existing equipment. The origami-inspired design has five 3D-printed polymer “petals” attached […]

Another Way We’re Killing the Bees

I have a confession to make. I am hopelessly and desperately in love… with honey! Honey is the perfect additive to my peanut butter sandwiches that bring them to the next level! But in order to get honey, we need honeybees! Unfortunately for everyone honeybees are not doing so well right now. There are a […]

Shrimp Production without Antibiotics is Possible

okay so I think with better understanding of the pathogen, the host and environment, we can produce shrimp from seed production all the way to grower phase with antibiotic-free. And this could be done via better understanding of the use of probiotics and competition of the probiotic versus the pathogens

The drugs don’t work: a global antibiotics crisis | FT Investigation

We’ve got used to the fact that if you have a small infection, if you have a cut, if you need an operation, then you can use antibiotics and the infection won’t be serious. Unless we get a grip on resistance to the antibiotics, people will die from these things. The issue of anti-microbial resistance […]

Fast Food Giant to Drop Antibiotics in Chicken

I’m Lindsay Liepman with today’s health news. McDonald’s is making a mc-promise toward healthier chicken. The fast-food chain will stop using chickens that have been given antibiotics, except for antibiotics meant specifically to keep chickens healthy. McDonald’s will soon offer milk from cows not treated with rbST, an artificial growth hormone. This news comes days […]

Past the Age of Miracles: Facing a Post-Antibiotic Age

in the keynote address last year the director-general of the World Health Organization warned that we may be facing a future in which many of our miracle drugs no longer work a post-antibiotic era means in effect an end to modern medicine as we know it things has come-to strep throat or child scratch knee […]

Superbugs in Conventional vs. Organic Chicken

one of the most concerning developments in medicine is the emergence of bacterial super resistance resistance to not just one class of drugs like penicillin but resistance to multiple classes of drugs so-called multi drug-resistant bacteria in the 2013 FDA retail meat report more than a quarter of the Salmonella found contaminating retail chicken breasts […]

What are EFSA and EMA doing to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals?

I think if I would be very familiar with from the the whole concept of climate change is a global crisis in many ways antimicrobial resistance is another global crisis we do know that antimicrobial resistance is important in animals and also we know that there’s substantial connectivity between antimicrobial resistance in animals in people […]