GIANT RED SHARK vs GIANT BOMB – Amazing Frog – Part 149 | Pungence

– There’s a red megalodon, whoa! We got a giant bomb. I keep doing wheelies. How do you like that? You wanna get in the way? Ooh, there it is right there, whoa! The wick is lit! Guys, here we go! Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Amazing Frog, guys. My hand is shaking […]

DIY – Aquarium to Formicarium Modification

The Messor colony! Some months ago there have been just a few of them. They took care of their brood, raised their sisters. They have started consuming more and more proteins. Today they have a giant brood chamber. This colony is growing so extremely fast. Their formicarium is slowly getting to small. I decided to […]

GIANT SHARK EATS ZOMBIE FROGS – Amazing Frog – Part 154 | Pungence

– Do you see what I’m seeing? This one’s coming after me. He’s going in! Whoa, he’s blowing up cars. His limbs are going all over the place. Oh no, no, he’s coming for me. Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to the Amazing Frog guys. We’re in trouble, look at this guys, we got […]

Ant Nest In An Aquarium DIY

what’s up invaders welcome back to ant invasion today is probably going to be one of my most insane tutorials so stick around to find out how you can have fish and ants in the same setup okay so what exactly are we attempting to build here well long story short we’re going to have […]

Fire Ants vs. Simulated River Jungle

And speaking of this delicate and important partnership, it seems one of our biggest ant colonies on this channel has been long deserving of their own territory upgrade and expansion, and many of you have also shared this sentiment! AC Family, you guys demanded for an update on the most famous and long-standing ants on […]