Addressing Aquaculture Health Challenges with Gut Performance Management

during these BIOMIN Aqua Days we heard a lot about the challenges that producers so you guys are facing in shrimp and fish production we heard that main challenges are related to diseases and costs of feed. To help you BIOMIN we develop products that can help you overcoming these challenges in case of diseases […]

Additives and Premixes Are Increasingly Needed In Aquafeeds

Today we need to design our aquafeeds for increasing nutrient density and functional properties in response to intensification, genetic improvements and disease challenges. At the same time, a sustainable supply of nutrients is becoming more limited. So, we will increasingly rely on additives and premixes to design our aquafeeds, and the companies producing these additives […]

can aquaponics be organic certified? | natural food

Can aquaponics be organic? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] Nowadays, organic food is becoming more and more popular. We don’t trust the food from the supermarket, and the only one we really accept is the organic food. That’s what we generally see. Unfortunately, organic food is generally more […]

Shrimp Production without Antibiotics is Possible

okay so I think with better understanding of the pathogen, the host and environment, we can produce shrimp from seed production all the way to grower phase with antibiotic-free. And this could be done via better understanding of the use of probiotics and competition of the probiotic versus the pathogens

catfish culture, मांगुर पालन

hlw friends to day we will talk about how catfish cultured in pond how catfish is cultured in nursery pond if seed is in cartoon then shake the cartoon proprly and after that leave the cartoon for five minute after that leave the seed in your nursery pond in leving the seed in pond we […]

Australis Aquaculture: Raising the Bar with Barramundi

Australis Barramundi is the product of a new model of sustainable aquaculture in the marine tropics. Before founding Australis, I spent years searching globally for a fish that would be truly delicious, that could enhance human health, and would be amenable to sustainable farming. Barramundi brings all that together. Today, we offer a line of […]

Fish farming | Wikipedia audio article

Fish farming or pisciculture involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds, usually for food. It is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under mariculture. A facility that releases juvenile fish into the wild for recreational fishing or to supplement a species’ natural numbers is generally referred […]

Farming the Sea – Full Episode

Major funding for this program was provided by The Bachelor Foundation, encouraging people to preserve and protect America’s underwater resources. The oceans were once an abundant resource, holding what seemed to be a limitless supply of seafood. But today, roughly 80 percent of major marine fish stocks are either depleted or overfished. The worldwide seafood […]

Red-listed seafood in Canada

Red-ranked seafood in Canada. After researching the sustainability of all seafood produced in, and imported to, Canada, SeaChoice pinpointed the top red-ranked, or unsustainable, species. Red-ranked or unsustainable seafood are items we recommend you avoid. These species come from wild or farmed sources that have a combination of critical problems, such as habitat damage, negative […]

BIOMIN Aquaculture Solutions

Aquaculture: A growing industry with increasing importance Tomorrow’s success relies upon today’s decisions. Further intensification and greater efficiency must be balanced with profitable sustainability. At BIOMIN we harness the power of science to develop innovative feed additives to improve aquatic animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions. […]