How to DESTROY Aquarium Algae in Your Planted Tank

No yeah your pet still fix it Oh miss thing boys it for all what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks being quiet at the no maintenance tank how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well doing videos while the place is open it’s kind of scary but me and Elsa here have work […]

Adding 103+ Cherry Shrimp! – Cherry Shrimp Planted Aquarium With Fish

Hey what’s up guys today. We’re gonna be adding a ton of cherry shrimp to the forest tank I have them right here in this bucket. There’s I don’t know there’s a lot of um there’s probably at least one hundred I’ll go with. Like one hundred and three that I’ll make for a good […]


Hey guys Mike here. Today we are doing some prep to the island aquarium here, because tomorrow which will be included in today’s video uhh, were gonna have the fish that are going to make this their permanent home The tank is looking a little ‘tingy’. It just needs a big ol’ water change but […]

3 EASY Beginner Aquarium Plants For Your Planted Tank

Hey guys welcome back. Today we’re going to be talking about three awesome pretty easy aquarium plants that I think everybody should at least try out once they happen to be the three plants that make up this entire jungle style aquarium released it’s turned into a jungle style tank with me not trimming it […]

ULTIMATE Betta Fish Aquarium – Betta Fish Tank Care And Info

Hey what’s up guys. Today we’re going to be transforming Richard the betta fishes old aquarium here which you can’t even really see because of the light into something that looks a lot better has a ton of really awesome plants. We’re also going to talk a lot about betta fish in general and their […]