Axolotl Aquascape with Aquarium Co-Op!

I really need a table in here, but until then, we are on the floor so while ago I got my axolotl sent over by Amber’s axolotls and All th- almost all the supplies for the enclosure was sent over by aquarium co-op. Now right after doing the axolotl video I was gonna do a […]

Set up her first Aquarium. Kids and Family Aquarium Project.

I’m so excited to have my fish ready for when you’re done . Hey, everyone. Corey from Aquarium Co-op. Today we’re surprising my niece with a new aquarium. She doesn’t know she’s getting it. Kind of a family thing. My cousin has had an aquarium about 10 years ago. Had a beta and maybe I […]

Wild Fish Self Collected Fish Room Tour – Aquarium Co-Op

All right, we’re finally here down in the basement. Lawrence Kent and his fish room of amazing wonders. I know there’ll be fish that I see here today that I’ve never seen before. He showed me some pictures and stuff, so I’ve seen some stuff, but I know it’s going to blow your mind, so […]

Fish Store Tour Aquarium Co-Op Planted Aquarium Store – Fish Store Tours Pleco fish

– Hey guys. Cory from Aquarium Co-Op here. And today I just want to show you what we’ve got in the store. We’ve had a lot of people requesting for a new stock list update, that type of thing. So I’m just going to go through some tanks and show you some stuff. We’ll start […]

$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

(techno music) – Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op. I’m here with Zach of I came for an unboxing, so stay tuned, it’s awesome. Let’s see it. I want to see what a koi shipment looks like. Wow, that’s no joke. – [Zach] It’s a medium size shipment. – [Cory] I want to get […]


Speaker 1: Hey everyone, Corey from Aquarium Coop. Today we’re going to learn about the nitrogen cycle. I feel like I haven’t done a video like this and I explain it kind of a different way, that type of thing, and then we’re also going to answer this question, how does bacteria actually colonize? Just […]


Hey guys Mike here. Today we are doing some prep to the island aquarium here, because tomorrow which will be included in today’s video uhh, were gonna have the fish that are going to make this their permanent home The tank is looking a little ‘tingy’. It just needs a big ol’ water change but […]


– Number five: the Pea Puffer. Now, it’s a little controversial, but I think you can do at least one per three gallons. I wouldn’t put two in a five-and-a-half, but three in a 10 could work, one in a five could work. Yeah, they need frozen food, so pretty much never convert to dry […]