How to Clean your Aquarium Filter

a very important aspect of fishkeeping is knowing how to clean your filter. Hi! I’m Richelle from Quebec Cichlidés, y your local fish store in Terrebonne, Quebec right outside of Montreal. today we are talking about filter maintenance Now, when I say the word “clean” I don’t really mean “clean”. its ironically the worst word […]

DIY Aquarium Internal Sump Filter (HOB)

Hi everyone and welcome back to Fishaholic. In this video I will show you how to build a DIY aquarium internal sump filter. You can also call it hang on back sump filter but the beauty about this filter is that it is powered by a sponge filter. The container for the sump filter is […]

DIY Aquarium Overhead Sump Filter Maintenance

Thank you for joining me again everyone and warm welcome to Fishaholic YouTube channel. In today’s video I’ll discuss how I do maintenance of my DIY aquarium overhead sump filter and later on this video I’ll also discuss the maintenance of my HOB internal sump filter. If you’re an existing subscriber then thank you for […]

AQUARIUM PLANT FILTRATION: How Plants Can Help Filter Your Fish Tank

(upbeat music) – What’s up, fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing’? I hope you’re doin’ well. In today’s video, we’re gonna expand a little bit on aquarium filtration. In last week’s video, we talked about mechanical and biological filtration, but due to your comments, […]

Cara Membuat Filter Aquarium Mini dari Botol Bekas

It will be better if we have a spare tank to quarantine sick or new fish our spare tank also needs a filter but we don’t need an expensive filter we can make the filter ourself using a plastic bottle here is how to make it elbow pipe super glue silicon grease prepare the filter […]

How To Make An Air Pump | മീനുകൾ ഇനി തുള്ളിച്ചാടും | M4 Tech |

Hi friends. Welcome to M4tech. Today we are going to make using the aquarium globe we have at home. The fishes in it die when the oxygen is less in it. So we are going to see how to make an oxygen filter at home using a syringe. So lets move to our video Friends. […]

How To: Setup a Double Bio Sponge Filter in Aquarium

Welcome back guys, In this video I will discuss how to set up a double sponge filter in an aquarium which can also hold some bio media. Before i start the filter setup in the aquarium. I just want to show you my DIY Bottle filter, it’s doing a great job, it’s got heaps of […]

Large DIY aquarium filter for $50 | The King of DIY

Okay, so yesterday I talked about the fact that I needed to clean up we’re done all that Gary’s here now today we’re gonna turn a 55-gallon barrel into a filter but the 375 gallon tank. The things are kind of torn apart right now Just kind of doing some organization also going to streamline […]

Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

Hey everyone Steve Poland here from Steve Poland Cichlids Today I wanted to do a review of another one of the products that I use in all of my tanks and that is these Pinky Aquarium Filters They sell these through their website which is but you may have also seen their advertising on […]

The king of DIY FISH ROOM TOUR! | The King of DIY

Okay, so I realized there’s a ton of new subscribers to this channel and many of you need to be caught up on what I actually have going out here. So I plan to give you an entire tour of my fish room or aquarium gallery. This tour has to start outside, though. First and […]