WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s […]

Elefantenkacke im Aquarium, dem Aquarianer über die Schulter schauen beim Aquarien einrichten

2,000G completed – Aquarium gallery UPDATE!

All right, how [I’m] going to do today’s update so this week in the aquarian gallery has not only been a tremendously busy weekend We accomplished it in a whole lot, but we also did four videos this week, so in today’s update I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what each video […]

How To: Set Up Filter Media in Overhead Aquarium Filter

Welcome back to Fishaholic, I hope everyone is doing well. In this video I’ll discuss and demonstrate how to set up filter media in an overhead aquarium filter. Before setting up filtration it’s really important to know what order should filter media go in an aquarium top filter. Enjoy watching this step-by-step tutorial and if […]


[so] guys you know that I love reptiles, and I love snakes well today I have a really exciting guest that’s coming in because I’m an animal lover and that means that I’m into aquarium fish, too And that’s right Joey from king of Diy is coming into town all the way from Canada And […]

Cá cảnh biển: Cá chình (2) – Spotted Moray Eel (VietSub)

125g African Cichlid Aquarium – Equipment Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, And I show my display tanks a lot. But mostly when I talk about them, I only talk about the fish. I did a few videos early on about my drip system and some other technical things. But I thought it would be cool to give you just a full […]

Planted Aquarium FILTER REVEAL

I’m actually still working on the 2,000 gallon aquarium, however. It’s only filling right now and in the meantime I have to keep it moving. There’s still far more fish tanks to set up out here in the aquarium gallery specifically the 375 gallon planted Aquarium, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about […]

DIY aquarium sump filters completed | The King of DIY

Today’s the day We’re switching out all the sumps to the new ones that we built I figured while we’re doing that we might as well do some water changes, which will make change into some sort of easier anyway Well this tank drains. I’m gonna bring you guys up to speed on the brief […]

How to: Build DIY Aquarium Top Filter (Overhead Sump Filter)

Hi everyone and welcome back to Fishaholic. In this video I will show you how to build an aquarium top filter which is also known as overhead sump filter. For the aquarium top filter box, I’ve decided to buy a channel drain. It is one meter in length and also comes with a black grate. […]