During the renovations one of the tanks that we moved fish from was a wall from over here to over here I took a couple logs popped them in the tank and tossed in a Piece of or at least a mat of java fur and they quickly ate the java fern then I mentioned […]

HOW TO: Build a simple aquarium sump | The King of DIY

Yesterday we added the peacock bass to the 1200 gallon pond Everybody is doing fine in their filter. Everything’s back up and running It’s actually later on in the evening and I want to build some filters I don’t know why but when I get the urge, it doesn’t matter what time of the day […]


This isn’t as bad as it seems this past Tuesday We went live and silts the two thousand gallon for the first time or at least we started to fill it after I got about Ten inches of water in the aquarium though. I discovered a week where does at least from though well There’s […]


I’m still working on their tanks over there so we can’t go over there just yet but later on in the week we’re gonna get to some scaping videos and setting up of the Discus tank as well as the tank above it. In today’s video we’re going to be unboxing the fish that are […]

ADDING THE FISH! Frank meets his aquarium wife… | The King of DIY

Today’s a big day, you see, Frank is meeting his future wife for the first time. You see I ordered a female flower-horn a couple of weeks ago and now she’s here and gone through a fast-tracked quarantine process which is medicating the water as well as her diet. Flower-horns are pretty healthy and will […]


So today I want to set up a small nano aquarium, and this aquarium is actually inspired by one little piece of wood. You see, this is called Bonsai tree. It’s dead now, but it used to be a tree. I’m sure you guys are familiar with what a Bonsai tree. They’re basically miniature little […]


On December 15th 2002 Just 45 days after being released from serving a two-year prison sentence I was arrested for attempted murder more on that Later on in the video My last video We unboxed my 1 million subscriber plaque. I went on to mention that I’m gonna make a couple of very special videos […]

DIY saltwater aquarium sump filter | The King of DIY

New sump I built for the saltwater aquarium. Let me explain why? Before I show you guys how I built that sup just a quick announcement. Okay, so I actually have two things I want to mention one from June 23rd to the 24th reef of Blues in New York is back in town I’m […]

8 FOOT LONG AQUARIUM IS DONE!! again | The King of DIY

I I Like it. So, I finally went ahead and Rescaped the 8 foot long by 3 foot wide 2 feet tall 375 gallon aquarium I owe you guys a bit of an explanation though first Ok, so Tuesday. We went live here on YouTube. I used my phone Unfortunately YouTube locked it in portrait […]


Over the last few months We’ve set up any number of aquariums out here in the aquarium gallery and every time I set up a new aquarium I state that this is now my new favorite aquarium now that we’ve had them set up for quite a while now though What is my favorite fish,(pls […]