NEW AQUARIUM SETUP, Nano Tank Out of the TOP

– What’s up fish tank people, Dustin’s Fish Tank’s bringing it to you on a Sunday baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well, this feels like the way it used to be when I used to just make the video. Hit upload on Sundays, now we edit them during the week. But anyway, […]

THE MOST BALANCED Aquarium I’ve Ever Done

(uptempo music) What up fish tank people? Http://, Dustin’s Fish Tanks, bringing it to you on a Sunday baby! It’s species Sunday! (little girl screaming) And I got my daughter Mya yelling in the mix just like her dad. (loud uptempo music) What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you! On […]

Never release aquarium plants or animals

Some safe alternatives include trading them with friends returning them to the pet store disposing of them properly. Disposing of plants in a sealed bag in the trash is the safest option. And always ask your local retailer for advice. Remember any release of pets can be a danger to Michigan’s lakes and streams Ultimately […]

Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

some fish tank people Dustin’s fishtanks spraying it to you on a Tuesday how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well so I want to show you guys for fast growing plants but first I want to show you guys the bitter sweetness that is doing a spoof on the ShamWow guy I hate pink […]

How to Avoid Algae With New Lights In Your Aquarium

What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you in the middle of the afternoon bringing it to you on the middle of the afternoon video on (what’s today) Thursday. I’m all fired up cause I’m going to the AGA convention with Steve tomorrow leaving in the morning sometime heading out. […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping! This week we don’t have Balázs, or George. So I will help you and guide you on this tank. Probably by the end of this show we will fix how it looks now, as it’s way too overgrown! So please come and join us! This week we will […]

How to Grow Aquarium Moss: Java Moss, Taiwan Moss Species Sunday

what up fish tank people dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday was raining again last Sunday it was raining this Sunday it’s raining species Sunday coming at you got Bryant over here I want to talk about a beginner plant java moss baby brian’s over here because he gave me […]

PLANTING and ADDING FISH to my aquarium

Hi everybody! Joey here and welcome back to part four of my planted tank build series. If you’re not familiar with this series or new here, in part one I showed you how to build the aquarium. In part two I show you how to build the aquarium stand and in part three I show […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Guys, today we’re gonna do another tutorial, this time, we’re gonna talk about aquarium plants and planting. So similar to the hardscape session, that we did a couple of weeks ago, you should not expect me to scape a tank fully. We’re gonna just talk Latin for the […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery in Budapest, Hungary! The star of today’s video is going to be this aquarium, built by – not me – but another Green Aqua aquascaper, Tomi. This guy knows how to put his aquariums into spotlight. Why am I saying that? 🎶”I would […]