hey what’s up all you happy fish go lucky people it’s Ryan here from Benson’s fish room and this is your first time here welcome if they’ve been here before thanks for coming back I forgot to do an opener for my album my newest video so I sit here editing it and I was […]


[Jurijs] How do you mean? With the hands on this one? [Balazs] Well, with the legs on this one! You’re kidding me! Are you ready? Come on! [Jurijs] We do it just simply on the ground! [Balazs] No-no-no, we do it like that! Are you ready? Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Guys, today […]

How to achieve MASSIVE substrate height in aquarium

What’s up Guys, welcome to another Pro Tip video! Today’s video is about: How to build height in your aquarium, without the risk of the entire slope sliding to the front. And the answer is – using some kind of this Net- .. Zip- .. Bags, I don’t know how they’re called. Anyway, see you […]

Clean Aquarium Glass Lily Pipes like a PRO + How to remove Lily Pipes from the Tubing

What’s up guys and welcome to this video. In today’s video we have again a Pro Tip here and I’ve been neglecting the Lily Pipes for quite a while, to get them really dirty to show you the entire cleaning process. So let’s kick in the intro and I gonna see you afterwards Okay guys, […]

Natural Aquarium – Microscopic Adventure

I decided to make a natural Aquarium. Winter is comming an I want some sources of life for my microscope. There is already alot going on. I probably will make some cultures too. But lets see what we have here. This Aquarium is three days old. It has cleared up but is still a mess. […]

My best Aquascaping Contest result ever! Final update 60x50x40cm IAPLC 2019 Aquarium

Hey guys, welcome to another video here on my channel. Yeah we’re here and talking about my big 60 aquarium. And this is gonna be kind of the last update on this aquarium. Mainly because I want to rescape it. It’s been running for almost a year now. And it’s just about time. And it’s […]

Beginner Planted Aquarium Mistakes – JS ScapeReview Ep.1

The question I get asked the most often in the DM’s is: Jurijs, can you please give me feedback on my aquarium? What you think? Do you like it? What is your opinion? And I always feel sorry because I cannot take the time to give the guys proper reply to it. Yeah, so I […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Today, we’re visiting THE Nature Aquarium Gallery. This is where aquascaping was born. Aqua Design Amano Japan, here we go! The building is hidden behind these trees. You cannot even see it from the road. It’s so nice arriving to a place, you know it’s there, but you […]

Sealing a bottom drilled Aquarium at Kinderhospiz Bärenherz 🧸💖

What’s up guys and welcome to another video. In today’s video I’m going to need two components. One of them is right in front of the camera. Do you know what it is? We will find out in a second. The other one I still have to buy, so leave a comment down below in […]

How to use Driftwood in your Aquarium: Driftwood tips and tricks

what up fish tank people dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby its species Sunday but I want to do something special for you all today I know you all wanted to see my would for a long time so I want to talk about driftwood today here’s what’s up […]