AMAZING aquarium fish store tour!!

So today, I’m here in Orlando Florida for a few days and I’m bringing you guys along with me for the ride while in Orlando I did a number of things I toured a local fish store called worldwide corals as well as got it behind the scenes look at their coral farm I went […]


– What’s up fish tank people, I’m here with Steve from Aquarium Zen, what’s going on man? – Hey man, how’s it going, good to meet you. – Good to meet ya, what’s hilarious is that Steve actually gave me some Staurogyne like about five or six years ago at a AGA convention and I […]

Best Aquarium Store in Ohio, Gerber’s Tropical Fish Store, Part One Freshwater

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing you a midweek video how’s everybody doing hope you’re doing well yo your boy d just dropped his kids off with the mom heading up to Findlay Ohio I’m here in Dayton know I’ll have to stop in and say hello to mr. John Gerbert of Gerber’s […]