Giant Puffer Fish Eats Clams and Crabs!

– Hey everyone. Cory from Aquarium Co-Op. We’re gonna feed Murphy live today, is what we’re gonna do. Mostly because we’re here at the store. We upgraded internet and we should be able to pull this off, which is gonna be super duper cool. So Murphy is MBU Puffer. He’s about 14 inches or so. […]

Quiet Air Pump Comparison Test Who makes a quiet air pump?Eheim, Whisper, Aquatop, Finnex Air Pumps

– Hey everyone this is Cory from Aquarium Co-Op and today I’m going to compare four major brands of air pumps to see how loud they are. They all claim to be silent or very quiet, but we’re gonna find out who’s the winner. Who was most expensive. Who was cheapest. Who performs well for […]


hey guys Cory from aquarium co-op calm today we’re feeding the 800-gallon you might have seen the video before we did a lie or we did a pound of frozen bloodworms today is over a pound of live black worm so you haven’t seen those before their true aquatic worm and they are live and […]


– Number five: the Pea Puffer. Now, it’s a little controversial, but I think you can do at least one per three gallons. I wouldn’t put two in a five-and-a-half, but three in a 10 could work, one in a five could work. Yeah, they need frozen food, so pretty much never convert to dry […]

$2000 Pleco Fish Unboxing! I’m in LOVE.

Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-Op, today we’re unboxing plecos. $2000 worth of plecos, very small box but super cool so stay tuned. They’re really hot, this is over nighted too, these must be 40 hour heat packs or something. What they do is they put this like this to help prevent any actual bags […]

How to Care for Fancy Guppy Fish. Poecilia reticulata Million Fish. How to set up a guppy tank.

hey guys Cory from aquarium co-op today I want to talk about fancy Guppies my favorite fish I am a fancy guppy nerd and so I’m going to tell you about how to keep them alive and you know tips and tricks so you know the fancy guppy is stranger to no one everyone’s seen […]

Top 5 Centerpiece Fish for your small to medium sized Community Aquarium.

Hey Everyone Cory From aquarium co-op today i want to talk about centerpiece fish for 29 Gallon tanks and Smaller it’s One of our most Requested questions here in the store? People come in and Say I’ve Got a 20 Gallon or i’ve Got a 10 or i’ve Got 25 and i want one fish […]

Top 5 Bottom Dweller Freshwater Fish

– Hey everyone, Cory from aquarium coop. Today we’re talking about my top five bottom dwellers. So, they’re gonna eat off the bottom. A lot of people want cleaner fish, this is, this list is for you. So at number five, I’ve got Geophagus. What does that mean? That means sand sifter or earth eater. […]

Top 10 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

– Hey everyone. Cory from Aquarium Co-op. Today we’re talking about the best fish if you’re a beginner. I got 10 of them for you. Not in any specific order but we’re gunna give some basic care and hopefully give you some ideas for your new tank. Alright, the first idea I’ve got for you […]

DIY Aquarium Lid, Fish Tank Top, Covers made out of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels!

– Guys, Cory from Aquarium Co-Op. And today I’m gonna show you how to make greenhouse-siding lids for your aquariums. And everyone’s seen it on my channel. They all wanna know how to make them. And today is finally not raining on me. I am running out of daylight, but I think I can get […]