NO Filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts Aquarium What is it all about

Here is an example of aquarium without filter. No Filter means that this aquarium does not have any man-made filters. Wait, are there any other, no man-made filters in this aquarium? Yes. Sure. There are natural filters in every and all aquariums, including this one. Natural filters come in the form of different, yet well […]

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium: Power Quality Testing

The mission of the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is to practice and promote effective conservation on behalf of the world’s wildlife. We’re charged with coming up with ideas in ways that we could reduce our carbon footprint, increase efficiencies and essentially walk the walk as we talk the talk. We use the 438 in […]

Christmas/Winter Fish Tank and Terrarium Decorations!!

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I wanted to show you all the winter decor for my tanks so I got some stickers from Michaels and I got some silk flowers and I bought some river rocks from my […]

Choosing a Fish Tank : Adding Water to Fish Tanks

Okay we’ve got our water in the tank. I’m going to add this final bucket here and some considerations for water is if you’ve thought ahead it’s a good idea to set your water out for maybe twenty-four hours because, that will give the chlorine the time to evaporate. If you’re like me you don’t […]

Aquarium UPDATE

hello everyone here’s the guy with the snotty voice and today I’m going to show you some updates I did on the aquarium and building so let’s take a look. So as you can see the design is slightly different according to all the filters heater sensors etc, I decided to use a back wall […]

EASY Ways to get a BETTER looking FISH TANK

Dustin’s always waiting we’re waiting waiting I don’t know if we’re still waiting are we waiting am I waiting are you waiting are we live are you waiting are we live what’s up hello 30 people waiting waiting waiting yeah we’re not waiting anymore give me a 1 for the audio hello hello what’s up […]

Driftwood in Betta Fish Tank

Hello people! Welcome to another video. As you can see in the video in the background, I recently have bought a driftwood for my betta tank. It’s kind of beautiful.. I kinda like it. What do you think? Do you like it? hmmmm…. pst… Also on top of the driftwood I have added a flame […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Putting Food in Fish Tanks

Ok. Now we’re getting to the fun part of having a tank and that’s feeding of the fish. The fish have to eat, however, I think the, a very common thing that people do is, is they forget that fish are cold blooded, they just simply don’t need the amount of food that we’d like […]

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Fish Ever Sold || ప్రపంచంలో అత్యంత ఖరీదైన 10 ఆక్వేరియం చేపలు | With CC

Hi, friends! Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… Among the most beautiful creatures living on this earth, the fishes will be in the first row. The most attractive fishes which are available in various colours and strange shapes… Most of us would like to have them in the aquariums. For such people, even though there […]

[Tuto] Rack aquariums – Kallax project EP.1

Hello everyone! Today we are going to start a new project together I decided in this small room to make a rack of aquariums Something modest but which should be quite good in the end. It is unfortunately not for me to start a fish room although I would love to be able to make […]