Asparagus & Mixed Fish Grill | Jamie Oliver

They’ve got me asparagus and what I wanted to do was like a mixed grill but instead of it being meat I wanted to do fish. I’ve got a couple of scallops here and to make the scallops cook beautifully and look beautiful just do a little crisscross and I’ve got a lovely squid here […]

Healthy Fish Tikka Curry | #10HealthyMeals | Kerryann Dunlop

Hi Food Tube, Kerryann here. I love curry! All different types of curry, but this time I’m going to show you how to make a fantastic fish tikka curry from Jamie’s book Save with Jamie. It’s affordable, it’s delicious, everyone who eats it is going to love it and it’s really, really simple. All of […]

Gennaro’s Gorgeous Grilled Fish With Pesto Dressing

Hi lovely people of Food Tube. What I gonna cook for you today, and for me, lampuka with pesto in Malta. So fresh and so wonderful. Lampuka is a local fish. Hahaha. But don’t forget, you can use the sea bass, sea bream, sardine, mackerel, almost all kind of fish. Lampuka is the fish but […]

Gennaro’s Italian Fish Soup

Hi lovely people, look where I am. I am in Amalfi Coast, my hometown, and we are gonna cook together a fantastic dish. You will love it. I’m gonna make fish soup. Full of flavour, full of life and full of passion. Such an easy dish to do. Can you see all the fish we […]