Do you know about antibiotic resistance, which makes antibiotics ineffective?

Do you know about resistance to antibiotics, which makes antibiotics ineffective? The common cold and influenza, or flu, are caused by viruses, while some types of pneumonia are caused by bacteria. Diseases with different causes need to be treated with different medicines. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but they are not effective against the common cold or […]

Ленинград — Рыба / Leningrad — Fish

I caught a lot of different fishes. I know some cool places (*places where fish bites) Where the sea of girl’s smiles. No effort needed to catch something there. But only you are the fish of my dreams! Only you are the fish of my dreams! But only you are the fish of my dreams! […]

Underwater farms vs. climate change? – Ayana Johnson and Megan Davis

For 3 billion people around the world, seafood provides a significant source of protein and nutrition. But recent studies show that 33% of wild fisheries are overfished, while another 60% are fished at their maximum capacity. In fact, over half the seafood we eat– from finfish and shellfish to seaweed and algae– isn’t caught in […]

How to Keep Cichlids: Best Cichlid Aquarium I have seen update. 125 Cichlid Fish Tank.

Best Cichlid Tank. Best Cichlid Aquarium I have seen update. 125 cichlid fish tank. What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks! Bryan’s Fish Tanks! Guy has got so much game we gotta do another video of his cichlid tank. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again; this is the best cichlid tank […]

Monster Fish Room Tour 🐟 RARE Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank Room Tour

Hey guys How are you doing you have Mike here and today we are going to show our fish room tour video. I hope you guys are excited as i am to see these beautiful monsters. No need to prolong this any further lets get right to the video.

Citadel Nutrition Athlete Vitamin & Fish Oil Review

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here,, and in this video I just want to do a really quick review of Citadel Nutrition’s new Athlete Vitamin Powder and their Fish Oil product. A high quality multivitamin and a fish oil are two of the very few supplements out there that I do think are […]

| 🇦🇺 SYD VLOG | 終於去到FISH MARKET 啦!🐟 在悉尼週末的一天☀️

Where are we going now? Fish market What time is it? 3:30 What time does Fish Market close? 4 We are almost there. Here we go Thanks We’ve just arrived. They should be cleaning up We have to hurry up before they close Oyster & Urchin Please follow me Home sweet home See ya

Jagalchi Market Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Jagalchi Market is located in Busan, in the Far South, and is Korea’s biggest seafood market. Right alongside is Nampo Port, where the local fishing fleet is based. The markets are divided into two parts, with the Eastern side dedicated to dried fish and preserved goods. The Western side is for fresh and live produce, […]

Telomeres and Aging | Isagenix

0:01 >>Recently we have discovered that the science of human aging is really pretty simple. 0:07 We age because our cells divide and our telomeres get shorter. 0:11 What’s a telomere? 0:13 Well, to answer that, let’s zoom into a human’s 100 trillion cells. 0:18 Every cell contains a nucleus with genes and chromosomes. 0:21 […]

Reef Fishes – Reef Life of the Andaman – Part 9

A visit to the island of Koh Tachai often provides a special treat for divers: a large and easily approached school of teira batfish. The underwater landscape here is characterized by large granite boulders which provide the type of shelter that the batfish love. Hanging in the current, sometimes on their side, the batfish are […]