Carving a Wooden Brook Trout

“I’ve had this piece of Box Elder wood curing out in the woodshed for a couple of years.” “It’s just begging to be turned into a life-sized Brook Trout.” “The carving is pretty well roughed out, now.” “I’ve got some work to do in the office today.” “I need to get these logs peeled for […]

Swimming LEGO Shark 2 – 31088 Deep Sea Creatures Stand

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today it is shark day! LEGO recently released this Deep-Sea Creatures Creator 3-in-1 set and as soon as I saw the shark on it I knew I wanted to try and make this shark swim, and even though I already built a swimming shark last fall, it was based on the […]

Whitemouth Moray Eel – 3:12.5 – Nature Meets Paper

hi I’m Brandon and welcome to nature meets paper the place where we go on an adventure to discover the world of marine biology I’m a marine biologist and an artist I love sharing my love for the oceans through art you clicked the blue thumbnail which means you are here for how to art […]

Making Lifelike 3D Aquariums With Paint Cast In Resin

Don’t worry, these aren’t real fish. They are meticulous paintings cast in resin. These realistic aquarium scenes are painted and poured by hand, layer by layer. They’re made by Lillian Lee and her team at Serene Life Art, a studio in China. That layering to create the illusion of depth relies on stereopsis, also known […]

Whitemouth Moray Eel – 3:12 – Nature Meets Paper

did you know that eels don’t have scales hi I’m Brandon and welcome to nature meets paper the place where we go on an adventure to discover the world of marine biology today we’re going to be discovering the white mouth moray eel are you ready let’s dive in the white mouth moray eel can […]

Carving a Brook Trout Pendant

“There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into making a carving.” “In order to be creative, I’ve got to get out in the country and get some inspiration.” I thought it would be a lot of fun to carve a brook trout pendant, so me and Pearl are heading to the upper meadow […]

How to draw a fish for kids

How to draw a fish for kids

Diving Into the Hidden World of Seafood Sculptors – Mini Documentary

Beauty is art and art is finding the beauty in things that are art which is beauty. We’ve been perfecting our craft for over 30 years but we still find something new with each piece. I’m Blue Azure And I’m Blanc LeBlanc. And we’re seafood sculptors Seafood and ocean byproducts have always been our material […]

fishmarket face

It had been a strangely long string of weekends. Really good weekends, at that point. We had hardly been noticing the weekdays in between them. And nobody had stopped to think about it until At one point we had a bad weekend. We ran out of food and we had to go Y’know. It was […]

Koi Fish – Oil Painting – Noora’s Art Gallery

Hello again everybody! It’s Noora. Today I have an oil painting of a koi fish for you I took this reference picture from Gardenia a long time ago and just now found it from my old files and thought it would be a nice picture to paint. Here is the result! Thank you so much […]