Making More Sea Turtles from Cedar Wood – Art

Watch my head. So the sea turtle sculpture I made a little while ago… I think it turned out really well. I think I am going to try to make another one. The cherry I used is very dense, hard and heavy. I have some cedar here, reclaimed cedar, that I think could be a […]

Mistaken Identities: How to Identify a Roman Emperor

[MUSIC] Stanford University.>>My name is Walter Scheidel I’m the Chair of the Classics Department, and it’s a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to what I believe to be the 7th Lawrence Eitner lecture. A lecture series set up to publicize classics and classical scholarship to a wider audience. It is from […]

Palm Leaf Fish Garnish

Welcome back to another cooking video. I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make a very simple little garnish out of just a palm tree leaf that will look stunning on any sushi platter. Okay let’s get right into it, let’s get going! Okay to make this garnish you’re going […]

How to draw FISH for kids

How to draw FISH for kids

How to draw TURTLE for Kids

How to draw TURTLE for Kids

How to make your own LOST WORLD nano tank – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

30x30x30cm simple glass cube 27 litres 30cm concrete Buddha statue If you can buy one, soak it for 2 weeks just to make sure Red moor woods My fav type of woods, no preparation needed, doesn’t colorize the water Seiryu stone Ancient like textures makes the water harder a bit, almost unbreakable Slate Neutral for […]

My LostWorld nano tank – The ultimate nature aquarium for beginners

MY LOST WORLD NANO TANK Aquael 29x29x35cm Beautiful glass I started this aquarium 1,5 years ago My fav one Little maintenance needed 2x Aquael Leddy Plant 8000k / together 12w / 980lm Daily 8hours lightning period Makes amazing glow effect in our dining room I use eheim classic 250 external filter I bought it used […]

Day 1: SCHOOL OF FISH Kickstarter Launch!

(dramatic piano music) – Hi, I’m Adam DeAngelo. – And I’m Jimmy Bie. – [Together] And we’re the co-creators of School of Fish the Musical. – So what is School of Fish you may ask? – School of Fish is about fish in high school set to the backdrop of World War II. The musical […]

Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish

– Hey, guys. So, I was staring into my fish’s tank the other day as I do for three to four hours per day. (light orchestral music) And I was looking at him, and it reminded me of those memes, you know, it’s like, “This is what my fish sees “when I’m looking at them.” […]

Gyotaku: The ancient Japanese art of printing fish – K. Erica Dodge

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Jessica Ruby How big was that fish you caught? This big? This big? This big? Without photographic evidence, there’s nothing that proves you caught a whopper, and that’s been true since the dawn of fishing. In fact, hundreds of years ago, long before photography could capture the moment, Japanese fishermen invented […]