I Tried Making & Sculpting Soap Clay – 100% Soap Koi Fish Pond | Royalty Soaps

– Old mushroom head is back at it again. Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson, I’m the Duchess of Suds here at Royalty Soaps, and today I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before. Not on film, anyway. Today, I’m going to be attempting soap dough. Now, I’ve tried to make soap dough using […]

1등급 참치회와 통관자, 연어회, 바다포도 먹방~!! 리얼사운드 social eating Mukbang(Eating Show)

Today I’ve prepared First Class Maguro(Tuna) Sashimi, Scallops, Salmon Sashimi and Seagrapes. Tuna is a type of fish that is among one of the best for sashimi. It has a tender meat and is also very savory. Tuna is also eaten as sushi and tataki. The color of the fish is so important that the […]


Hi it’s me Aejeong Today’s menu is otoro (tuna belly) navel kamadoro(caller)And swordfish belly These are rakkyo, pickled ginger, pickled radish, Soy sauce, sesame oil going to eat with tuna Let’s Eat! Otoro is the softest and most oily part of the tuna velly. The plane taste and melting texture was the best It has […]

Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)

Black bear is very common in Northern Ontario, Canada. Harvesting black bear is important to keep the heard balanced. Black bears will pray on moose calves. We are preparing a gambrel to help hold the bear up for processing. The stick is being inserted just under the Achilles tendon. Now the animal can be made […]

Keith Eats Everything At KFC

In 1930, in North Corbin, Kentucky, one man had a dream, and that dream would become the greatest fried chicken franchise in America- nay, the WORLD. It’s eaten in Japan for their Christmas dinner! Santa Claus hops down the chimney with a big old bucket of chicken. (chicken clucks) Today, I will attempt the impossible […]

How To Make A Fishing Game

Gone fishing…. not working…. Sam, are you singing about fishing? Or am I just hearing things? Perhaps, fishing. Perhaps, singing. Or perhaps not… What are these pictures? I found them in some old box. And the memories came flooding in… Just imagine: smooth water surface… intense look… waiting… Suddenly the hook starts jumping… And you […]

ASMR 과메기 리얼사운드 먹방 Half-dried Herring クァメギ Real sound Mukbang Eating Sound

Hello It’s me Onhwa. Today’s menu is Half-dried Herring. Please like this Video and Subscribe.

CAVEMAN Bone Marrow, Bowdrill in the Woods | ASMR (Silent)

You should never consume parts of an animal found dead in the forest. Unless you are an expert. To cook the bone marrow, we’ll need to make a bow drill kit. I am using cedar, as it is usually very dry. Peeling bark means the tree has been dead for a while. I will use […]

gill and gilbert episode 8 except it’s out of context

(Pat:) Envision yourself as a large bowl Of spaghetti and meatballs… (Brian:) But, I kind of did want to chew on pickles ’cause that’s where the money is in ASMR. I’ve been growing this beard for the past three weeks. (Pat: Look at you!) (Brian:) I literally, uh, bought this game for the sole purpose […]