Veteran’s Immersion Program at Georgia Aquarium

While I’m in the water, I’m weightless. And that takes all the pressure off of, off of my injuries. No pressure, there’s no pain. Today we had the St. Louis VA Center here. They are working with veterans that have disabilities. We had people here that had quadriplegia, paraplegia, MS, PTSD, and they are here […]

Sea Otter Pups’ Journey to Georgia Aquarium

We’re in Monterey, California working with a stranding center here that’s caring for sea otters and they have a couple of sea otters that were abandoned from their mothers and needed to be cared for. The southern sea otter is a species that at one point was thought to be extinct, thought to be non-existent […]


– What is it? – Right there, look at it! – [ZZ Dad] Wow! – [Kid] ZZ Kids TV! (upbeat electronic music) – Babe, over there. – [ZZ Dad] What is it? – I don’t know, but it’s huge. Let’s go see it. – It’s a shark! (upbeat electronic music) – It’s a whale shark. […]

DOYOUNG X ATLANTA : Going to Aquarium! (Feat. JW) | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

Hi guys, we’re.. DOYOUNG JUNGWOO Yes We’re now heading to aquarium~ Finding Nemo~ It’s our first time in Atlanta Do you guys like it so far? Do you guys like it as cool? Yeah, yeah Very nice place Oh are they species which live in groups? I feel like I’ve found something amazing Oh that’s […]


Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea. And it would take an enormous aquarium to hold a whale shark. I’m here at the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world, but they don’t have a whale shark….they have four! The Georgia Aquarium […]

We got soaked by the dolphins | Georgia Aquarium | Life in America | AMWF | Vlog #4

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock We decided to take a spontaneous trip to the aquarium woooo whoooo That’s what Margaret really wanted to do is to see me Nemo we haven’t seen “fishies” in 3 years We went on a date here a while back for my birthday and Margaret really wanted to go back so […]