Fish curry w. coconut // Authentic recipe from Indian village // Meen curry Kerala style

[Music] hi this is beau under oath and authentic world food we are in a small fishing village in the south of India in Kerala recipe for today I filmed in this house where fisherman and his four daughters sleep the very typical ingredient for South Indian cuisine is a fresh grated coconut so today […]

✔ කට්ට කරවල රසට තෙල් දාන හැටි Dried Katta fish stir fry by Apé Amma

goraka helps burn our body fat. now fry for about 5 mins since dry fish has lot of salt eating salty food for a long time will damage the kidney high salty food also can give you high blood pressure so it’s better to use more onion when frying dry fish. onions help in protecting […]

✔ අපේ අම්මා මාළු කඩේ ගිහින් (English Subtitles) Sri lankan Main Fish market visit by Apé Amma

Welcome to Ape Amma Youtube Channel Today I’m visiting the Sri lanka’s main fish market complex located in paliyagoda. this is the map from top view. after entering the Kandy road go straight from Colombo katunayake high way…. then turn left from this location if you visit from Negombo road you have to use this […]

Fish fry // Sri Lankan recipe filmed in a village // Badhapu malu

hi this is beau and wrote an authentic world food we are in pala whatta village in the south of Sri Lanka I shall got some nice fresh fish this morning on the market so today we will see a very fast and easy recipe how to prepare a deep fried crispy fish fresh very […]