Colorful game – Ocean Bottom adventures cartoon with Electric eel fish shock waves

Ocean Bottom – Electric EEL adventure Hi ready to test the new electric eel power suit, I’ll release some Robo fish into the water Almost you need to be closer. Try it again You got it the more lightning bolts you see in the bubble the more energy you get Okay, I’ve released the next […]

The secret lives of baby fish – Amy McDermott

What you’re looking at isn’t some weird x-ray. It’s actually a baby yellow tang surgeonfish at two months old. And you thought your childhood was awkward. But here is the same fish as an adult, a beautiful inhabitant of the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ coral reefs and one of the most popular captive fish for […]

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach | Deep Look

This baby fish is stuck. It’s ready to hatch, to swim out into the open sea. So how did it get here – stranded up on the sand? It all started two weeks ago, when its parents left their watery home for an adults-only beach party. During the very highest tides, California grunion ride in […]