Seungjae drops his daddy’s USB into a fish tank!…”I’ll rescue you!” [TROS/2017.08.20]

Children are running at this elementary school. Which family is visiting here? It’s Jiyong and Seungjae. (He knows how to salute.) Long time ago, this used to be dirt. This is the school I used to attend. I have memories of when I was his age. I wanted to share my memories with him. Hello. […]

Healthy Fish Oils Can Prevent Asthma

I’m Gabe Garza with today’s health news. If you have asthma then you might have reason to be angry at your mother and her diet during your pregnancy. Women who eat substantial amounts of healthy fish oils, such as those that come from salmon, produce children who will be less likely to develop asthma, according […]

fish tank of the baby – Aquarium || Pet vlog

hello friends This is Bong’s aquarium There are many beautiful fish in the tank The shy fish escaped It is difficult to observe them How do I see fish now? Let’s go down with the fishes Find the best shooting angle

Boy’s Awesome Reaction To Catching His First Fish

Did he swimmed out? I think you got a fish! Pull it up. Heyyyy That’s a Fishy. Bring it in. Aghhh Heyyy. I got one. Oh, Fishy Can you touch him? You can touch him. Can you touch him? This is your first fish. Ya, I catch him. What name is he? I don’t know. […]

Funny Baby and Kid at the Aquarium First Time – Funny Fails Baby Video

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