Beginner Beach Fishing: Catch fish fast with these baits! Cape Cod Experience

Today, we’re going to be talking about some great beach fishing baits: squid and cut bait. So, today we’re going to do a head-to-head challenge we’re going to be fishing for an hour using mackerel on one rod and our Super Salty Squid on the other rod. So we are fishing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I want to build a large floating net basket, which is going be used in a natural pond. Therein, larger fish can temporarily be held in quarantine or it can be used for raising young fish. There are different floating nets available but they are pretty expensive […]

Catching Fish from Inside a Minnow Trap POV 2

+moving sounds* such as bumping and wind *fish flaping*

Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing

a few subscribers asked about catfish fishing so let’s talk about three tricks today. number one I found this point with the drop off to its left BIG catfish loves hanging out there this photo shows this spot even better the water is deep nearby, so I use that Asian style fishing pole for its […]

Trout fishing with POWERBAIT

Hey guys so we’re up here at strawberry reservoir. Haven’t fished up here since I was a little kid actually. But I am going to start out with the powerbait, this is the yellow and chartreuse. This is the double whammy, you may have seen in one of my other videos. So basically I have […]

What is the Best Bait for Catfish?

Hey, I want to go fishing on Sunday and don’t have any idea on what bait I should use for catfish. Since you’re a great fisherman I respect, what kind of bait would you recommend me use? Well I always said that milk is the only way to make friends with a kitty, so I […]

Wife’s Biggest Catfish Ever! Bear River Catfish!

Oh good day YouTube! It’s Sunday we’re going fishing! I got one goal of the day just to get my wife to catch your first big catfish. We’re talking something over two pounds. Well… we’re finally loaded up and getting ready to go just waiting on someone… Are you ready to catch fish? Today’s your […]

Flathead Catfish under a Bridge

The fish just started ripping my line off as I was standing next to my rod. Got my adrenaline pumping real quick from the noise. We were fishing in about 20ft of water so it came up quick. Fishing under bait schools help with your success of catching some nice sized fish. Unhooked the circle […]