Amazin fishing: Catching Eel with a Fish Trap

We started our trip from Khulna Another 15 minutes motorbike ride to Ruhita Village We moved to Majher Char for camping We crossed Bishkhali river to reach our campsite This island have no human habitat This fish trap I bought from Ali express that cost me only 6 dollar We set the trap in the […]

catching catfish and climbing perch fish | boys style | how to fish with arms

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walking catfish | asian traditional fishing | catching fish with hand in bangladesh

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Hilsa Fish Roast | ilish macher korma | bangla recipe

hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma hilsa fish roast ilish macher korma

Live Katla Fishing Videos at fIsh mArket || fish catching Skills || Expert Cutter_2019

katla fish expert fish cutting fishing big fish fishfoods

Visiting the “Katabon” of Guangzhou – Huadiwan Fish Market | China VLOG #1

Hello everyone Welcome to Aquartia Hope everyone is doing good You guys know that right now I am at Guangzhou, China I have been invited here at the China Live International Aquascaping Contest to represent Bangladesh. I will show you more details of this event in future videos In today’s episode I will take you […]

Jagannathpur Fish Bazaar – জগন্নাথপুর মাছের বাজার

I hope your are all well Today we going to Jaganathpur Fish Bazaar & Auction We are going to show you guys all the different kinds/ Types of Fish Explain to you where the fish has come from? So Guys stay with us & make sure your subscribe to our channel Also don’t forget to […]

Dry Fish Market In Kuakata Bangladesh | kuakata Sea Beach | শুটকি মাছের বাজার কুয়াকাটা সমুদ্র সৈকত

Dry Fish Kuakata Sea Market | Kuakata Shutki Market | শুটকি মাছের বাজার কুয়াকাটা সমুদ্র সৈকত | HD

EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

– [Trevor] Look at this guys. We just found the ultimate Bangladeshi fish paradise. We’ve got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder paste. And you can get them grilled over the coals right here. Alright, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into Old Dhaka, magical, Old Dhaka. […]

মাছের টিকিয়া | Bangladeshi Fish Tikia Recipe | Mach Kabab

fish tikia recipe have to soak 1 cup of bengal gram for whole night taking the soaked bengal gram in a pan after washing it adding 1 tea-spoon of garlic paste, zinger paste and coriander powder each and a pinch of turmeric powder also adding 1 tea-spoon salt, 1/2 tea spoon crushed black pepper adding […]