Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys welcome to the new episode of Fish Tales and today I am at the wadden sea this amazingly beautiful piece of the Netherlands where the tides are extremely high and extremely low and this is of course low tides and I’m going to make you a Pasta cockles and it’s the same as […]

Soy Ginger Salmon Recipe (COLLAB WITH BART’S FISH TALES!)

– Hey guys, we are in week two of my new year, new dinner collab where I am bringing you fresh ideas for weeknight meals with some of my favorite YouTube channels and this week, I want to introduce you to Bart’s Fish Tales. Now you guys may remember Bart, I incorporated him in one […]

Healthy Pasta With Tuna & Veg | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi Food Tube this is Bart from Bart’s Fish Tales and today I’m going to be cooking up a delicious healthy pasta with tuna and tomato sauce you might have heard about this dish as a pasta but today’s version will be with more veggies more healthy it’s quick to make it’s easy to make […]