3 Proven Spots For Quickly Finding Fish in Small Lakes | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com and I’m here with Hank Parker with another edition of Hank Parker’s Tips. This week’s question comes from Jeremy McConnell from Greenville, Michigan. And he says, “When you’re fishin’ unfamiliar small natural lakes, what are the three areas you focus on for fishing?” Hank: Well, that is […]

7 Best Bass Lures That Work Year Round | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here at BassResource.com. And one of the problems I see all the time on our forums and people asking me questions is, what kind of lure should they get? Especially, if you’re starting out, or if you’re on a budget, or maybe you’ve been on hiatus for a while and you’re […]

Bass boat co-angler practice – Catching big catfish on plastic worms???

Yeah, I got a fish. (reel noise) Whoa! This is a good one! It might be, not a bass. I don’t know what this is. (Intro music) Boater: There are some big fish here. This is a big one. This might be my personal best bass, if this is a bass. Boater: Need the net? […]

Hardest Fighting Trout EVER Caught with POWERBAIT

Hey guys I just wanted to show you my favorite Trout fight. My best fight with a trout, and that happened last year and up at strawberry. It was an almost 4lbs trout caught on Powerbait. And I’ll even show you the rig and how I put it together. Thanks guys for watching. Howdy howdy […]

Trout fishing with Bass Lures

I’m using a warning shot, dropshot set up here. This little plastic is the Yum warning shot here. And I was here yesterday, and I caught trout using the ned rig when I was fishing for bass. So hopefully I’ll catch some bass today. So I’m just going to cast it out there. Let it […]

Catch n’ Cook Fish with SPICY Ramen Noodles

what is going on guys back out here fishing in Brazil back on the pier I’ll make a few casts there’s a good-looking spot over here and I make a few casts and then I’ll lay it out what all we’re gonna do today all right guy something right off the bat there are two […]