iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder in Action

Anglers have got everything, it’s a nightmare to buy for them. But if you’re looking for a gift for the angler in your life, this is the answer. It’s the iBobber. It will help you catch more fish, bigger fish and transform your sport. Check this out…

3 Proven Spots For Quickly Finding Fish in Small Lakes | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com and I’m here with Hank Parker with another edition of Hank Parker’s Tips. This week’s question comes from Jeremy McConnell from Greenville, Michigan. And he says, “When you’re fishin’ unfamiliar small natural lakes, what are the three areas you focus on for fishing?” Hank: Well, that is […]

İki Sabah İki #Kofana Bir de Sürpriz #Baraküda ( Balık Avı )

It’s early in the morning. I’m here to try topwater lures. Let’s see. It’s 05:30. It is just before dawn. It is the best time for fishing. I start fishing at dawn. In Gazipaşa The wind is blowing from behind. I can’t see if I’m doing WTD right. Yes. Fish on! Fish on! Nice. It’s […]

10 Biggest Fish Catches Ever Caught!

From sharks, to prized bass, and a few surprises in between, join me as we discover some of the biggest catches of all time! 10. Blue Marlin (Unofficial) When it comes to “big catches”, just about every fisherman worth his salt has a “it was this big!” story, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow them to […]

Small Boats Can Fish Big Too

One of the neat things about having a boat is when it’s your boat. I live in Illinois where there are horsepower restrictions, but I don’t want to be restricted by my boat. I’m able to take a smaller boat and have everything that I would have on a big 520c and I can do […]

How To Fish A Senko | Bass Fishing

There we are. There we go. There we go. Come here. I just want to show your face. C’mon. You got a face full of Senko buddy. Look at that. He’s got a mouth full of Senko. Weightless Senko that’s what we’re talking about today. Not a huge fish but, where do you think the […]

How To Rig A Tube Bait The Right Way | Bass Fishing

Hey folks. Glenn May here with BassResource.com, and today I want to talk to you about the tube bait. This is a really versatile bait. You can rig it so many different ways and it’s effective in all of them. I want to go through some of the different ways that you can fish them. […]

How To Fish A Jig for Bass: The BEST Jig Fishing Tips for Insane Limits!

Glenn: There we go. Keri: Oh, hello. You got him. Oh, boy. He is wrapped around a tree. Keri: You gotta go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Keri: You’re gonna have to go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Come here. Keri: And let him back in the water. Glenn: Let’s see […]

Fishing in Bay of Bengal Cooking and Eating / Cooking in Jungle / River Fishing in jungle

welcome friends! we’ve come here after walking a long 5 km distance now we’re going to catch fish, cook and we all enjoy eating let’s start enjoying ! we have just reached we will start fishing cooking……….. i’m digging to make an oven making rice is done rice has been made successfully its ready now […]

How To Texas Rig A Plastic Bait The Right Way | Bass Fishing

Hey folks. Glenn May here with BassResource.com, and I want to show you how to Texas Rig a plastic bait. I know there’s a lot of videos out there and they take you through it really fast, so I’m going to slow it down a little bit for you, and show you a couple little […]