Fish Story

I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve made you tell this story now. That you’ve made me tell the story, I think … … five, certainly, that I can remember. I’m saying ‘tell the story’ like I’m some kind of raconteur. – How does it come up? – So it came, it came up … […]

What’s The Best Fishing Knot? | Bass Fishing

I’ve been using fluorocarbon since it got popular, before it got popular. I was one of probably the first guys who used it in the US. I forget how long ago it was, over ten years ago. I tied Palomars back then, and they used to pop it off a lot. I had some Japanese […]

Fishing a Big 10-Inch Worm for Summer Bass

A technique that’s missed a lot of times that guys that are fishing deep water don’t really look to is a big worm (A 10-inch worm). It’s funny because it has kind of gravitated through a lot of the southern impoundments, but in reality it’s still a really good secret in the north. One of […]

10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera

On this channel we often explore the weird creepy things that go bump in the night. But what about 100% real scary encounters caught on camera in the middle of a nice sunny day of fishing? There were actually so many scary fishing moments that I decided to do 10. So, here are the Top […]

Fishing Spinnerbaits Deep for Bass

That hit it as it was falling! I’m throwing a 3/4-ounce Strike King Heavy Cover Hack Attack Spinnerbait and I’m throwing it deep. I’m fishing it out in 10-17 foot of water and fishing it on 15-pound line. He’s staying down. There he comes, that’s a good one. He’s going to jump! Come here baby. […]

Fish Steaks recipe

♪ Got my barbecue shoes on ♪ ♪ Got my natural case ♪ – [Narrator] Welcome to Today we’re cooking up some fish steaks at the pit and it’s real easy to do. Here we’re prepping a 28 inch 11 pound striper caught in the North Atlantic. This is an awesome fish, if you’ve […]