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When Bull Sharks Attack

Number 6 Matt Bowen In 2009, Matt Bowen was diving off the coast of Australia when a bull shark brutally bit into his leg. 24-year-old Bowen was exploring a wreck when the terrifying attack occurred. He’d initially thought that his diving partner was playing a prank on him. Bowen then turned around to see that […]

Fishing Denmark/ Herring/ Randers Fjord/ Djursland

We are on the way down to, Voer, Randers Fjord, in Denmark, to see if there are any herring to be caught. Just rround the corner is the Fjord Center, a visiting center where one can hire a boat, and where there are exhibitions about the Fjord. Amongst other things. I have been here today […]

638 Guinevere Court in North Bay, ON – Camelot / Trout Lake

Introducing 638 Guinevere Court, North Bay Have you ever thought to yourself am I living the life I want? Am I doing what’s important to me, taking the time to really connect with my family and live in the moment. Am I living where I always wanted to live? 638 Guinevere – from the front […]

Is this a joke? Homemade Beach Fishing Rig

Woah, woah! Pablo, you got a fish! [Nathan] Pablo! [breathless] What’s going on, guys? Today, I’m going to show you guys how to use the home-made medicine bottle chum rig. Stay tuned for more! I made a chum rig out of a medicine bottle, and this idea was inspired by one of our active members […]

Little known Sea Trout Coast, Denmark, Djursland

We are in east-Jutland, Djursland, Denmark, in Northern Europe, at one of Djurslands most remote beaches. The purpose is a sea-trout walk, in part to take a look at a good sea trout fishing spot, and in part to recommend a good walk. One drives to the end of Glatved Strandvej, and gets to on […]


1995, disaster strikes the West Coast of California. Damn! 1998, despite efforts made by the authorities, the scourge strikes again. God damn! Punta Kaka Beach remains threatened by the beast. Impossible to fight it. The victims have piled up… Only one man was able to save Punta Kaka. Day 1 Come on! California Beach. Punta […]

Shark Central

On rangiroa atoll and French Polynesia something remarkable happens with each change of the tide millions of gallons of water are channelled into the narrow confines of two passes reaching speeds of 6 knots these torrents of water collide with waves arriving from the open sea this turbulent realm is home to a pod of […]

SPIDER-MAN vs SHARK with MARY JANE – Real Life Superhero Battle – TheSeanWardShow

[summer time music plays] [music continues, ambient beach noises] Mary Jane: Hey! [music continues, ambient beach noises] [Spider-Man cheers] [music continues, ambient beach noises] [music cuts] [music continues, ambient beach noises] Spider-Man: I’ll get you for that! [music continues, ambient beach noises] [splashing, Mary Jane screams] [music continues] Mary Jane: Come here. [music continues] Spider-Man: […]