Ron Gill – BQA – Cattle movement in the Chute when giving injections.

If you are giving a muscular shot, you run the risk of the animal jumping in the shoe picked up there he has not come ou. If you job with needle like that, they are going to jump if they foward back, they run the risk that needle.

Ron Gill – BQA – Best Management Practices (BMPs)

When we look at implementing BQA on a ranching operation We normally forward the best management practice for a particular situation. The best management practice is where applies to implementing Animal Health procedures, Nutritional Requirement, whatever the best practice to achieve the desired result would be that constitute host things but implementation of any particular […]

Cooking Tips : How to Dredge Catfish

To dredge catfish, first you want to make sure that you’re completely set up and ready to go. Here I’ve got a cornmeal mixture that I’ve seasoned, and I’ve also seasoned my catfish. All I’m going to do, is I’m going to take one of my fillets of catfish, and I’m going to put it […]

Gill – GALAXY (ft. willistic, HD) [Prod. by Kewtiie]

Cooking Tips : How to Remove Gills from Portobello Mushrooms

To remove the gills from your Portobello mushroom go ahead and flip it on over and make sure that the stem has already been removed. Next take a spoon and gently scoop out the gills of the mushroom. Go all the way around the mushroom to gently remove any gills. And the is how you […]

Ron Gill – BQA – Three primary focus areas of Food Safety

Deal primarily with three focus areas in our food safety training. The first will be injection site management. If you look at injection site mangement it is more perhaps a Quality Issue than a Food Safety Issue Particularly in the cow and calf, but if you have issues with injection site reactions or abscesses the […]

Ron Gill – BQA – Introduction to how residues are monitored

Residues in our product are monitored through sampling of meat and suspect animals in the system. When follower label directions best management practices avoid valid residues because any detected can result in fines, being traced back by back tags owner identification of the animals sold for auction marketer for the country as well and they […]

Where the Best Beef In America Comes From

“These bulls, their job every day is to go and eat, and then reproduce. That’s their job.” “That’s like the best job on earth.” “I mean, I have half of that job.” I’m here in Cameron, Texas at 44 Farms, producers of high-quality Black Angus seed stock. 44 Farms doesn’t produce beef for consumption, what […]

Titanium Dioxide & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

How to make LAB GROWN MEAT – Synthetic Meat Production

lab-grown meat is coming with at least three companies releasing products to the market in the near future lab-grown meat does not need to be genetically modified this may be the start of a new age a second domestication of animals where just the muscle cells are grown without harming the animal wasting animal parts […]