Lovely Russian salad Herring Under Fur Coat

“Herring under a fur coat” – one of the most original recipes of Russian cuisine. This salad combines the juiciness of boiled vegetables and aroma of salted herring. It is the best appetizer and almost any one meal. We offer to your attention. Ingredients: •beets – 2 pieces; •carrots – 3 pieces; •potatoes – 3 […]

Grandma’s Rohu Fish Cleaning | Delicious Crispy Rohu Fish Fry Pieces Recipe

Grandma’s Delicious Crispy Rohu Fish Fry Pieces Recipe

Fragrant Fish Noodle Soup – Flavology by Lee Kum Kee feat. Ching-He Huang

I’m in Shau Kei Wan all the way in the west side of Hong Kong Island and I’m about to go and destroy some fresh fish ball noodle soup! This is Wong Lang Kee Noodles. They’ve been going for 40 years. It’s a family restaurant and it’s a traditional snack house and they do lots […]