Should You Take a Fish Oil Supplement? | Health Supplements

First of all, if you’re not a vegetarian the answer is definitely going to be yes. I think that there’s so many benefits to it. I don’t think we eat enough fish in this country. I mean it’s good for you joints because it is an anti-inflammatory. Its been shown to help with cardiac or […]

What is Turmeric Extract and Why it is Good for you by Wild Foods Co

– What’s up Wildlings. Colin Stuckert, founder/CEO of WildFoodsCo. And I’m going to talk to you real quick today about Wild Tumeric Extract. One of my go-to daily supplements that I take on a daily basis. This is a tumeric extract, so it has the Curcumin, which is the heavily researched cancer fighting, inflammation fighting, […]

Should Women Take Flax Oil Daily? | Health Supplements

Flax seed oil is good. It’s got ALA and ALA is the alpha-linolenic acid that has to be converted to DHA. So if you’re a vegetarian, or really have some kind of aversion to fish, and flax seed is your only alternative, then it is a great product to take because I do think that […]