Eating Fish Does This To Your Body

did you know that because it was typically eaten on days with religious significance the word halibut actually translates to holy flatfish throughout many different parts of the world fish has been regarded as a staple food for various different cultures throughout history and for good reason – there are a number of positive health […]

What Is The Ovo-Vegetarian Diet?

did you know the fastest omelet maker in the world Howard Helmer once made 427 omelets in 30 minutes you’re probably wondering what that has to do with the topic of the video if you’re curious the answer is right there in the name the ovo vegetarian diet is a specific offshoot of vegetarianism that […]

Eating Coconut Oil Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body

eating coconut oil everyday for a week will do this to your body there are a lot of different things we do when we’re trying to lose weight we work out we go on diets we make secret pacts with demons or was that just us nevertheless in typical bestie forum we’re going to teach […]