Betta Fish Tank Review Subscriber Edition Ep. 3 | Tuesday Tank Reviews

welcome back y’all and today it is time for another Tuesday tank review subscriber edition I cannot tell y’all enough how much I enjoy checking out what y’all have done with your tanks at home I have seen some really seriously amazing tanks and I absolutely love love love love it it is so nice […]

Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks Subscriber Edition Episode 2

welcome back y’all it is Tuesday which means it is time for tank reviews today is another subscriber edition so I will be checking out a few of y’all’s tanks I absolutely love what wonderful jobs you all have done I’m putting together some of your tanks out there and I really really enjoy doing […]


Let me preface this video real quick and let you guys know that this is all footage from About three weeks ago. As you guys know, I did go to Vidcon And I filmed this right before I left to Vidcon and I filmed my intro, which I guess is now *not* my intro, because […]

Inspirational Fish Tank Set Ups Episode 2

welcome back y’all it is Tuesday which means it is time for tank reviews now in the next few weeks I will finally be setting up this 3.5 gallon bow front that I have been meaning to get to for a while now so today I figured we could check out some bow front tanks […]

New Betta Fish (Meet My Daughter’s New Betta Fish Snowflake!)

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I got my daughter Stephanie another new betta fish so as you can see behind me Freddie is doing really well my daughter has been getting more and more into the whole helping […]

Rating The Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks For Sale Online (Pet YouTuber Reaction)

Hey y’all, welcome back mandy. With my hectic life paths where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I thought it would be fun to rate the best and worst benefits tanks we can find on the Internet. So I already got my coffee in my lovely Christmas mug because you […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I’m really excited today, because we’re back in the studio. Our good friend and colleague, Tommy also known as “Fast-Handed”, is gonna scape this Beta tank for this guy, whose name is Gruber. [Gruber] That’s Mr. Gruber to you, mister. I’m sorry… Alright, so we’re gonna do this […]

ULTIMATE Betta Fish Aquarium – Betta Fish Tank Care And Info

Hey what’s up guys. Today we’re going to be transforming Richard the betta fishes old aquarium here which you can’t even really see because of the light into something that looks a lot better has a ton of really awesome plants. We’re also going to talk a lot about betta fish in general and their […]

Betta Fish Tank Update

hey y’all Mandy with my hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related so I made some changes to my betta fish Kai’s tank I added a few things changed some things around I got some new river rocks i I added driftwood and I went ahead and added some […]

DEAD FISH – Aquarium Reset. KIDS Planted Aquarium. Daughter’s Tank New Betta Fish

right there he’s that white steed right white piece what happened with this tank and how we killed some fish while of course daddy was out of town ins yeah never fails go out of town and you leave your fish in the hands of someone else someone like I don’t know your six-year-old daughter […]