Revisiting a Fiske antique cast-iron aquarium

Here’s an update on my antique Victorian-era cast-iron aquarium. I posted a video nearly 5 years ago on its restoration. You can find a link to that video in the information box below this video — it gives some background on Victorian aquaria and how I restored this one. Five years after the last restoration, […]

Upside-Down Catfish Doesn’t Care What You Think

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not rotate your phone. You’re looking at the upside-down catfish. Seven different species live in the Nile and Congo Basins of Central Africa. You might expect it to be anatomically different from a regular catfish. But it’s exactly the same. So why does this catfish swim […]

Planted Aquariums for Beginners | My Biggest Tips

what’s up everybody J here and welcome back to the planted tank and I will scrolling through my videos last night and I realized that I didn’t have one single video on planted tanks for beginners so that is what this video today is going to be all about will you experience people you can […]

Huge Koi Fish | Jumbo Koi Carp Harvest

Goedemorgen, vandaag is een speciale dag. We gaan de champion jumbo mudpond oogsten van de Marujyu Koi Farm. Als je de video van vorig jaar nog niet gezien hebt, check dan even de link hieronder in de omschrijving.. Zodat je het verschil kunt zien in resultaat t.o.v. vorig jaar. Ik heb er super veel zin […]


Little kids don’t put their hands in the fish tank do you understand? H: Good morning box I hope that you guys are having a lovely day. K: I don’t know why but I read some sort of crazy baby creatures robot dinosaurs are part robot part dinosaur just kind of a little bit of […]

New Betta Fish (Meet My Daughter’s New Betta Fish Snowflake!)

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I got my daughter Stephanie another new betta fish so as you can see behind me Freddie is doing really well my daughter has been getting more and more into the whole helping […]


5 Most Beautiful Types Of Betta Fish For Contest

5 Most Types Of Beautiful Betta Fish For Contest

TOP FIN 2.5 Gallon “Embark” Aquaponics Tank – Unboxing & Setup (Filter Modification)

Hey guys, so this is just gonna be a quick little video, I got this new tank, they have this Top Fin Embark 2.5 gallon aquaponics tank on sale at PetSmart I got two of them for $5.39 each so that’s pretty cool go get one and they’ll price match it from their online price […]