Big Catfish Fishing – Big 85lb catfish played and gloved out of the water

So James what’s going on here? Well I literally just put the rods out 10mn ago and I’ve hooked a catfish already. This would be the earliest fish we’ve had. The bait has barely been on the bottom and the line has not properly sunk in yet. That’s incredible. Was that on the standard rig […]

Carp fishing rigs: How to tie the best running rig using bottom baits and modified inline lead setup

Hello, I am Matt Collins, fishery owner of the Beausoleil carp lake in France, and I’d like to show you in this video how to tie a really simple yet highly effective carp rig. I’ve been fishing with this rig for 3 years and it has caught me the biggest carp in lake. It’s good […]

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6: Weedy Lakes | Danny Fairbrass 2019

Fishing in and around this stuff absolutely fries people’s brains. It does require specialist tackle, it does require specialist tactics, and what I’m going to do over the next couple of sessions is show you how I fish in and around this stuff really effectively. You’ll get simple solutions that you can follow that turn […]

Big Carp Gravid Fish Cutting and Recipe Video | Fish Recipes Compilation | Big Fish World

Gravid Fish Cutting