BIG aquarium move

Uh Come on in if you could find a spot Ummmm I decided I would drain the tank down as far as I could be 375 gallons with 120 gallon sump this was going to be incredibly difficult to move without draining most of the water however I didn’t want to rip the tank apart […]


So the 2000 gallon aquarium is now filled up with water and ready for fish. Filtration is back up and running and the water Needs to clear up a bit, but I have to admit right off the bat that this tank looks absolutely stunning So as I previously mentioned We’re going to move the […]

How to Maintain a Big Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

If you want to keep a big aquarium in your house, the same rules apply to a small tank that apply to a large aquarium. They have the same basic needs. You want to keep the water clean. You want to keep the needs of the fish met. With a large aquarium, there are things […]