Animated Shark Facts – Sleeper Sharks

Sharks. They are one of the most mysterious kinds of animals. Hardly any other creatures in our oceans are as fascinating to us as as they are. However, despite sharks being one of the most diverse animals on the planet, with more than 400 different species, only a handful of them seem to be appreciated, […]


Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome back to Depth. Now, I’ve calmed down a bit. I have, stepped back from my bitchous nature and I have reassumed my own bravery. Those were all fancy words to mean absolutely dick because I didn’t do none of those things, I’m just saying that I feel […]


From their legendary status as the deadliest predator in history, to their powerful bite force, here are 9 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Megalodon 9. How big was the megalodon? There has been much debate about the size to which adult Megalodons could grow- mainly because the only fossil records available for them […]

Top 10 Biggest Sharks In The World Ever Recorded

For years, Hollywood has depicted sharks as man eating beasts that lurk in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. Here are 10 largest shark species that would make you fear the ocean forever.! Number 10. Goblin Shark Sometimes called a “living fossil”, the goblin shark is a very rare shark to see, since it […]

World’s Largest Shark: 7-Metre-Long ‘Deep Blue’ Believed To Be Biggest Ever

COMM: While cage diving in November 2013, Michael Maier filmed what is believed to be the biggest great white shark caught on camera. Although some of this footage went online last year, Michael is now sharing his previously unseen video and pictures of his close encounter with the ocean giant known as Deep Blue. MICHAEL […]

Why NO Aquarium In The WORLD Has a Great White Shark!

Have you ever gone to an aquarium and noticed that they never have a great white shark? Nature’s most fascinating predator is missing. Here are the top 7 reasons why no aquarium has a great white shark. 7. They Need A Lot of Space Many people visit aquariums hoping to catch a glimpse of sharks […]

NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence

– It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat. You don’t remind me of Santa Claus, you killed me! What? Dude, look at that! Please, we open it? Achievement! Guys, do you know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s the best day ever. Guys, it’s update day, we gotta brand new update in Feed […]

GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence

– I gotta bad feeling about this. Yes what happened to his tentacles? He’s going in circles. This is what I’m talking about. He’s flying, he’s flappin’ his wings. Look at all those teeth! Vampire leaches attack! Hey what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish or as I’m calling this video, Feed […]

NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence

– Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. What was he doing just shaking his head like that? He’s just going right for me. You wanna piece of me? My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened? Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed And Grow […]