Ask the Aquarium — “Why do Catfish have whiskers?”

Catfish have whiskers because they mostly feed at night, and they really can’t see their food with their eyes. Those whiskers have taste buds on them like you’ve got on your tongue. They actually feel around with those whiskers and taste what’s around them with those whiskers. That helps them find food at night. They’ve […]

Fossil Sharks

– The fossil sharks are hiding today. – But look! A fossil shark clue! – This is the tooth of the Carcharocles megalodon, or better known as the Megalodon shark. These unfathomably large predatory giants swam in our oceans from about 52 million to 2 million years ago. Based off of the large size of […]

Electrofishing Trout Run Creek

[engine noise] Good morning my name is Doug Dieterman, and I’m with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, section of fisheries. Today, we’re at Trout Run in extreme southwest Winona County. And we’re doing a population assessment, primarily for brown trout but certainly for all fish species. This happens to be one of our long- term […]

A Great White Shark Breached & Just Missed Us!

NARRATOR: is a crazy picture. That is a gigantic great white shark. And as we can clearly see, the picture was taken at really, really close range. Maybe too close. My question is, who took this photo and how much danger were they in? The person on the other end of the camera was this […]

LS4C – Adaptation

Hi. It’s Paul Andersen and this disciplinary core idea LS4C. It’s on adaptation. Remember the last video we talked about was natural selection which is differential reproductive success. In other words, each organism is made a little bit differently. And depending on how they do in their environment, they may survive and pass their genes […]

Upside-Down Catfish Doesn’t Care What You Think

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not rotate your phone. You’re looking at the upside-down catfish. Seven different species live in the Nile and Congo Basins of Central Africa. You might expect it to be anatomically different from a regular catfish. But it’s exactly the same. So why does this catfish swim […]

Releasing Baby Brook Trout Into the Tennessee Mountains

We’re at Little Stoney Creek up here outside of Elizabethton, Tennessee. We just released 389 juvenile Brook Trout fry. The Southern Appalachian Brook Trout is the Southeast’s only native species of trout. The Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout that people may be more familiar with were actually introduced for angling. When they were introduced, combined […]

Tracking Trout With the Fish Whisperer | That’s Amazing

– [Narrator] In my career, I’ve never met a single person with his passion, ever, and there’s not even a close second. – I get bloody. I put my body into the capture of the hunt. – The guy will go anywhere, climb any mountain to catch a fish in a stream. He’s doing basically […]

Bacterial Isolation on Petri Dish – Biology Lab Techniques

Start by cleaning and sterilizing the workspace. Spray once with 10% Milton and wipe thoroughly using clean tissue paper. Repeat twice, but with 70% ethanol. A diluted 70% solution of ethanol is actually a more potent disinfecting agent than pure ethanol. One of the goals of growing Bacteria on solid medium is to grow individual […]

An Electric Eel and a Caiman

:introduction jingle: :sloshing water and bird sounds as gentle orchestra music plays in the background: So, we’re out here with Maria and Isabel. And, they’re Icthyologists, and we’re going to go fishing. They have this net. Where they sweep the net through the deeper parts of the water. And, try to get the fish to […]