Inside Hashimoto: Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Eel Restaurant

Eel Bowl This place behind me is called Hashimoto… it serves an eel bowl… and it will be the first time that me and Arisa will be having an eel bowl… but also it’s not just an eel bowl… it’s a michelin-starred eel bowl so first time I’ll be having, I’ll be eating at a […]

Tutorial: Oil Cleaning Module 103 (OCM 103)

[Music] Cleaning is easily done after you’ve practiced a couple of times. First make sure the separator has come to a complete standstill before performing any service. Please note and consider the general safety instructions in the technical manual of the unit. The revolution counter and the motor fan indicate if the separator is rotating […]

How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank | Aquarium Care

To set up a goldfish tank, let me define tank. Most people, when they buy a goldfish, when they win a goldfish at a carnival, it usually comes in a bowl. I think goldfish bowls are one of the top sellers at aquarium shops, so let’s talk a little bit about bowls, and then let’s […]

Chingri Machher Baati Chachchori – Shrimp fish in bowl #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Since the name of this recipe is called Baati (boowl or tiffin box) Chachchori – so first take 1 aluminum bowl Put one by One-2 medium sized potato – pieces 4 green chillies ½ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp salt 200 grams shrimps 1 tbsp raw mustard oil Mix all well Now give it an […]