Beauty and the Feast: When Herring Come to Spawn

Every spring in the northeast Pacific, millions of herring migrate from offshore waters to sheltered corners, called by the urge to spawn. Males release sperm, turning the emerald green waters milky white, while females lay eggs the size of sand grains on every surface, covering seagrass and kelp. This massing of fish and eggs attracts […]

Great Bear Rainforest – Surf Scoters Diving for Herring Eggs

Every year, millions of herring return to the Great Bear Rainforest to spawn. The result is a feast of herring eggs that attracts tens of thousands of surf scoters. The scoters dive down to eat herring eggs on the seabed but this has never been captured on film before. Ian McAllister has been experimenting with […]

Out for Rainbow Trout: Green Timbers

Aight, weather cleared up. Heading to a different spot. I think they’re concentrated into a small enclave right over here. So I’m gonna try and head in cause I got waders on.

Adam Olsen on the Broughton fish farm decision

So many British Columbians are disappointed by the BCNDP’s decision on fish farms. What would you have done differently you might ask me? Well, after receiving the Ministry of Agriculture’s Advisory Council of Finfish and Aquaculture (MAACFA) report in February 2018, the BC Green Caucus would have told the Broughton fish farms that their provincial […]


Next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan is investigating a mean-looking fish! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! ( ♪ music ) One of my favorite places to dive is Eastport, Maine. The water is cold, but the bottom is covered in an incredible amount of colorful marine life. Eastport is near […]

A Better Breed of Fish

Aquaculture is a big industry in Canada. In fact, Canada is one of the world’s largest producers of salmon, and one of the major challenges we face is producing locally derived salmon that are essentially free of antibiotics and any other kind of contaminants. Our partnership with Yellow Island really spawned from the idea that […]