Fishing with Gussy: Brook Trout on Ice

(♪♪♪)>>This week on “Fishing with Gussy, we take a road trip north of Kenora. We hit the back country in search of beautiful speckled trout. (♪♪♪)>>”Fishing with Gussy” is proudly sponsored by and uses Shimano rods and reels. Visit for all the specs. (♪♪♪)>>Gussy: Should rename this Wolf Lake. Hey, welcome to “Fishing with […]

How to clean or gut a brook trout

Hi. So today I think I would like to show you how to clean your fresh high mountain lake trout. I’m here at what we call Rainbow Lake. We just caught a few nice ones today. Let me show you here… if I can get them out of the water some decent ones Start by […]