Dry Fly Brown Trout | Grand River

imagine fly-fishing in his quiet stretches matching wits with some of the finest brown trout in one of Canada’s premier fly-fishing destinations the scenery is beyond compare the eons old limestone cliffs rising from the riverbed at times takes your breath away the brown trout on the grand they vary in size the average size […]

Bomber Brook Trout

the fish were very active at this time and Wayne suggested I try a dry flight I eagerly tight on an orange bomber the fly was purposely dragged across the surface of the water causing a wake to form behind it this seemed to excite the fish and resulted in many vicious strikes got it […]

Beginner Trout Fishing Trip Tips for Catching Trout

Strip Spawning Southern Appalachian Brook Trout

We are spawning the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute. These brood stock were collected from Left Prong Hampton Creek, which is in the Cherokee National Forest in Northeastern Tennessee. It’s a fairly involved process. The first thing that we do is catch the fish and put them in a solution […]

New Water: Tugby Lake for Whiteshell Brook Trout

We just finished up helping at the Falcon Lake Winter Fish Off, which was a super fun event, but now it’s our turn to catch some fish. We’re in Jackson’s Lodge and Outpost cabin on Echo Lake with Andrew Klopak and Michelle Trudeau. Yesterday we rode in through George and Forbes and caught some beautiful […]

Children’s Lake stocked with thousands of pounds of trout

My name is David Hurst and I’m the Waterways Conservation Officer for Cumberland County. People call us the fish warden. Today we’re stocking Children’s Lake with adult trout made at the Huntsville State Fish Hatchery. We’re putting about 3,500 pounds of fish in the lake in anticipation, preparation for the regional opening day at trout […]

Ultimate Labrador Salmon | Flowers River

Minimalist Ice Fishing (Ontario First Ice)

Welcome back This is first ice in Northwest Ontario. We did the trip to northern Manitoba now I’m back home for a bit got Marcel with me. You’ve seen him before in past videos and We’re doing something a little different today not gonna divulge exactly what’s going on. We got another 10-minute drive down […]

How To Clean A Trout

Hey guys, so today I’m going to be showing you guys how to clean trout let’s get right into it So the first thing that we need is a knife Second thing that we need is some running water And now let’s just get started so first what we want to do is scale it […]

Catching Splake Trout and Big Brook Trout in a Mountain Lake (Rocky Mountains, Colorado)

Welcome to hardman fishing adventures Alright what’s up guys? I am out here in beautiful Colorado up at a lake on top of a mountain and Rocky Mountains, I am at about 12,500 feet in elevation or something like that. So it’s a lot higher than West, Virginia But um i’ma got here and I’m […]