Using Plasti Dip to Hide Aquarium Filters

Steve Poland here, and everyone has their own preferences for the look of their aquariums. And one of my preferences is a black background. It hides everything that’s running behind the tanks, but unless you do some work, the equipment inside the tank is still visible. For example, I’m a fan of Eheim’s canister filters […]

Ardab Subhaah | Sukhjinder Gill | D Gamme | B2gether Pros | New Punjabi Songs 2019

We enjoy our best, when we are with our friends and stay away from girls. There’s no fault of ours in this, as we don’t like flirting. We enjoy our best, when we are with our friends and stay away from girls. There’s no fault of ours in this, as we don’t like flirting. We […]

Emma & Gill | In rehearsals | Emma McCaffrey Interview

Emma and Gill is about two people, two artists, who are trying to do, or trying to make a show possibly about differences but they’re not really getting the hang of working together, partly because of impatience from both sides and also they’re just not agreeing with what they actually want the audience to see. […]

Small Icelandic Towns #17 – Siglufjörður the Beautiful Herring Capital

Hello and welcome but we are in the 10.7km siglufjörður twin tunnel project that finished in 2010 Finally a secure road between Ólafsfjörður/Sigufjörður and they pass trough this remote fjord. Héðinsfjörður So I’m starting my navigation today with some info about roads, and no roads Because one of the older roads to here is upon […]

Great White Shark Saved

0:02 COMM: On a South African beach fishermen struggle to remove their hook from the mouth of a juvenile great white shark. A protected species that they’ve accidentally caught. But they don’t have long to get the huge fish back into the water before it suffocates. 00:20 COMM: When Lars Liedberg and his friend stepped […]

Trout Fishing the Largest River Yet. Uncut Fishing #26

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and on this late morning, it’s probably about ten o’clock, I’m trying to turn things around in this pretty large river. I’ve been fishing it since half past seven. Oh, man, there was a take Wanted to arrive earlier but couldn’t. In any case, it […]


Assalamualaikum Wr Wb Kete, u are with me on the eel fishing channel For those of you who like to laugh at eels Don’t Forget To Subscribe My channel And Don’t Forget to Turn on the Bell in the Click of the Bell For Now I Am On The River That Is Still A Lot […]

7 – Catfish And The Bottlemen (Cover)

Larry, call a load of smoke in, I wanna lose a couple days. We probably never struggled coping but, but I never want to. Promise again that I would call her, forget the time coz I’m seven hours behind. It’s probably good I didn’t call though, but I always want to. And I’d beg you […]

Nederlandse Meerval vangen – Eerste poging [English subtitles]

So, we are back Today I picked up Stef after work… …we’re going to fish an evening We have the catfish fever after our trip to France… …and we have worms left So the challenge today is to see if we can empty the worms In Holland this time, so without a clonkteaser because that’s […]

How to Kill Sharks | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Moose, and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, we’re diving into the deep end to slay some more sharks. (screaming) (suspenseful music) (water splashes) Sharks are deadlier than most cinematic slashers combined, and they just so happen to be real, which is […]