Cá cảnh biển: Cá chình (2) – Spotted Moray Eel (VietSub)

Nuôi Lươn hồng Pink Paddle Tail Eel làm cá cảnh (VietSub)

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fish tank of the baby – Aquarium || Pet vlog

hello friends This is Bong’s aquarium There are many beautiful fish in the tank The shy fish escaped It is difficult to observe them How do I see fish now? Let’s go down with the fishes Find the best shooting angle

Small aquarium tank with expensive plants

Hello! Vietnamese Potatoes come back Today, we are visiting my friend house, his name is Long His aquarium style is very different with mine Very special Our style follow the rule: Cheap and beautiful But today, we are looking for other solution These tanks here look much smaller than mine But, the money, which was […]