Kingsland Catfish Festival in Georgia

Hey, it’s Joe Talentino with here. I’m with Tonya Rosado, Executive Director of Tourism for Kingsland, Georgia and we’re gonna talk a little bit about the Catfish Festival going on this Labor Day weekend. How ya doing Tonya? Hi doin great! -Tell us a little bit about what’s gonna be happening at the Catfish […]

Camden, London | Exploring the Markets, Jellied Eels and Spotted Dick!

After an hour-long bus ride we have landed in Camden Town I didn’t know it was a town. I just thought it was a market, but maybe it’s got a town vibe I’m assuming there’s a market in it cause it is definitely Camden market right? Yeah, there’s definitely Camden Market That’s what the bus […]

4-year-old catches his first channel catfish – Potomac River Dam 5

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to go fishing, Dam 5 on the upper Potomac River probably isn’t the best choice. There is a constant roar in the background from the water coming over the dam. But depending on the time of the year and the water levels, it can be a good […]