Campfire Trout [RECIPE]

Hi there, I’m Ricky Casipe and I’m the executive chef at Hawthrone Food & Drink in downtown Toronto. We’re at Sibbald Point Provincial Park right now, by the beautiful sandy beach on Lake Simcoe. Welcome to our campsite! Today, we’re going to be working with some beautiful Rainbow Trout and some Ontario produce. A little […]

Arizona Camping – Crawfish, Trout, East Fork Black River

Here is a view of our campsite at the Horse springs campground It is mid September 2016, the weather is really nice the lows are about 40 degrees F at night and the highs of about 70 degrees F during the day. With an occasional afternoon shower nothing really significant. There is the river 20 […]

Parks with the Fish

This wasn’t my fault. Indirectly, you might argue I had something to do with it but it – was – not – my – fault! This colony of savage hippies I ran into – they’re the ones who started it! Watch it, you little puta! You asshole! Now I don’t want to come off like […]