Join poet Nikita Gill and enter our spoken word competition #SpeakYourTruthPoem

I’m Nikita Gill and I’m a poet. Poems are the best way for me to be able to touch something honest. I think writing poems for me came so naturally because it was the only way that I could truly express myself and be myself somewhere. It was the only way that I could actually […]

Салат Селёдка под шубой видео рецепт

hi, Katya is with you, and the channel is as it is, today I want to cook a traditional New Year’s salad, which our well cannot do without Russian New Year, this is of course a herring under a fur coat for this we need herring, I already cut it, you can take a whole […]

Aisling Gill-Dougherty Disabled PTO Candidate 2019 Video Manifesto

Hi! I’m Aisling, and this is my PA, Chloe I am running for the Disability Officer here at RUSU. I really want to educate our University staff on disability. As more and more disabled students are enrolling into the Uni we need to ensure that our staff are prepared as to understand what provisions, if […]

TUTO : Les cyanobactéries / cyano dans l’aquarium

Hello and welcome on Recifalnews. Today’s topic is something you will or have or had to struggle with during your reefkeeping experience: Cyanobacteria also known as Cyano or Cyanophyceae, which look like this. It’s not attractive, it can make you panic but it’s not the end of the world. It is good to know that […]

Is My Body Ready for Another Pregnancy?

Is my body ready for another pregnancy? Are you back to something close to your pre-baby body weight? I’m not trying to lose 50 pounds. Can you imagine another baby without screaming in horror of going into labor again? I can’t wait. Then the answer is yes, you are ready mentally. Did you develop any […]

DIY: Powerful aquarium filter you would’ve never seen before

Let me show you how to make aquarium filter driven by an air pump. The filter I am going to show you is a bit different than other conventional air filters. It plays with water pressure. Its working mechanism is like an heart. You’ll enjoy making it. what you need? 1st thing is a bottle, […]

FLY TV Squeeze – Rauk Trout – Fly Fishing for Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to Fly TV Squeeze. I am Niklaus Bauer. We are back on Gotland. Fishing with my two good friends, Per and Robert. They are guides at Fish Your Dream. Per, what do you think of the conditions? – I think we have good trout conditions. We have some movement in the […]

Electric Eel – Can Kill a Horse – The Kattegat Centre.

Electric Eel – a killer in South America. Can kill a horse. In the Kattegat Centers Department of Dangerous Fish. The Kattegat Center on the peninsula Djursland, in Denmark, Northern Europe. Lives in both rivers and swamps in South America. Can give electric shocks. Very small eyes, half the size of a pea. That sound […]