Herring Cove Provincial Park

hi guys welcome to this week’s my Halifax my name’s Adam Cooper if you’re new to our YouTube channel we make videos all about the fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax this week we’ve come to Herring Cove Provincial Park or as we call it locally the “Look Off” and […]

3 Fly Fishing Legends | Cast Northwest | Episode 5

Every culture has its legends, and every sport has a culture. In the world of fishing, legends are moulded by time and experience. And they embody a vast bank of knowledge that people who share their passion only dream of having access to. Unfortunately the best fishermen are also often the best liars. My name […]

Prussian Carp In Alberta, Canada: The truth about this invasive fish species.

Beauty and the Feast: When Herring Come to Spawn

Every spring in the northeast Pacific, millions of herring migrate from offshore waters to sheltered corners, called by the urge to spawn. Males release sperm, turning the emerald green waters milky white, while females lay eggs the size of sand grains on every surface, covering seagrass and kelp. This massing of fish and eggs attracts […]

Smoked herring from Cap-Pelé, N.B., preserves tradition as well as taste | We Are The Best

– I’m in Cap-Pélé, New Brunswick, a small town of about 2200 people, known as the smoked herring capital of the world. This region produces 95% of the world’s total output of this delicious smoked fish. µµµMario Cormier is the president of Cap-Pélé Herring Export,a distribution co-op that represents10 different smokehouses. Together, they produce20 million […]

Great Bear Rainforest – Surf Scoters Diving for Herring Eggs

Every year, millions of herring return to the Great Bear Rainforest to spawn. The result is a feast of herring eggs that attracts tens of thousands of surf scoters. The scoters dive down to eat herring eggs on the seabed but this has never been captured on film before. Ian McAllister has been experimenting with […]

Watch this 14 Year Old GMO Activist Smackdown This Bullying ‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneur

spring wife’s I let’s do this audio cassettes to get saw this audio I am newsperson on America blog this is fourteen-year-old anti GM 0 activists Rachel correct she’s Canadian this debate is taking place on a pro Gamo Canadian the will make Canadian TV show I can remember the name but its I am […]

Fly Fishing Cutthroat trout on Dry fly Oldman River Southern Alberta, Canada カナダでフライフィッシング カットスロート

I’m on my way to Oldman river where I visited the day before yesterday If you are a beginner you can go to Banff National Park but I’m not a beginner I’m not a Disneyland boy so I’m on my way to the Oldman river Bye Disneyland! so cold water OwowCow! Cows across the road […]


1995, disaster strikes the West Coast of California. Damn! 1998, despite efforts made by the authorities, the scourge strikes again. God damn! Punta Kaka Beach remains threatened by the beast. Impossible to fight it. The victims have piled up… Only one man was able to save Punta Kaka. Day 1 Come on! California Beach. Punta […]