Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada American Eel

Hi there, here we are in Kouchibouguac National Park at Kellys beach. My name is Nicole Daigle and my name is Denis Doucet. And Denis, we were here just a while ago, a few weeks back with a local eel fisherman and we had quiet an experience! Yes, it was Mr. Real Doucet and it […]

How to Make Mediterranean Baked Trout: Cardiac College

Today we’re going to discuss the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet as we prepare some dishes that are well known to the region. But, before we do, I want to share some exciting research that supports eating this way. Studies show that following a Mediterranean style of eating can reduce risk factors linked to […]

Episode 1 : Catfish and Carp fishing, Southern Ontario

*Music Playing Morning, well I’m out here at one of my new favorite carp spots and ah it’s been pretty crazy already, um just getting everything set up I just get the camera on the tripod and ah I just had a screaming take and when I set into it, I felt the weight of […]

Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Look at this squad, Bro. Eagle squad, you guys. Three eagles. Eagle-palooza One more eagle and they’ve got a band. There’s another one. OMG guys. The eagles are playing live right now. Welcome to the Hotel Manitoba. What’s up, guys? We’re the Vagabrothers. Right now we are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s dawn. We’re on […]

Basics of Stillwater Fly Fishing for Trout

– [Tom Voiceover] Welcome everybody to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, I’m your host Tom Rosenbauer. Joining us today is my friend and guest co-host Phil Rowley. Phil is one of the most recognized still water fly fishers in North America. He spent over 25 years developing and refining his still water fly fishing […]

Out for Rainbow Trout: Green Timbers

Aight, weather cleared up. Heading to a different spot. I think they’re concentrated into a small enclave right over here. So I’m gonna try and head in cause I got waders on.

DIY Brook Trout Trip – White River Air Service

(soft instrumental music) – He hooked a brook trout here Oh, he just came off. – Hi there. Welcome to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Jenna McKeown and today’s show is all about remote outposts. My father and I are in northern Ontario with White River Air Service and we’re going to some […]

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m gonna try a bill Lake for ice fishing this pathway here is really tapped lots of traffic it’s an it look easy accessible lake so a lot of people come and drive down on this road and then walk on the ice so it’s pretty nice I […]

Bow River Trout – Fish Tales Fly Shop

(majestic music) – That’s it. Give him the header. – [Colin] He’s got some pink to him. Just beautiful. Welcome everybody to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Colin McKeown. In today’s show, we’re in beautiful Alberta. In fact the Bow River’s right behind me, one of the top trout rivers in North America. […]