When Will The Try Guys Die?

– Is this whole book me? (dramatic drumming) This video is the real one, it’s Fox in the early 2000s, who’s gonna die! We’re gonna spit in a tube, we’re sending to scientist, they’re sending it back, and they’re telling us how we’re gonna get sick. – So, one of you did actually test positive […]

Heartless – Badshah ft. Aastha Gill | Gurickk G Maan | O.N.E. ALBUM

Take me far away, my sweetheart. Take me far away… Where love’s in the air, and cool breeze blowing everywhere Where Lord’s grace keeps showering from the skies… Take me far away, my sweetheart. Take me far away… Take me far away, my sweetheart. Take me far away… Take me far away, my sweetheart. Take […]

Ellen Gives Life-Changing Present to Single Dad

All right. We are back with the Lazo family. This is Mario, his daughters Eden and Monica. And it’s nice to meet all of you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having us. All right. And Keeli is in the audience, and so are Jennifer’s parents. And hi, thank you for coming. Mario, […]

Which are deadlier: sharks or horses? (availability heuristic)

Which should we be more afraid of: sharks or horses? Before we answer that, let’s consider two more questions: Which kills more people each year: car accidents, homicide, and suicide combined… or cancer? And… are there more English words that start with the letter ‘r’, or that have ‘r’ as the third letter? When answering […]

What’s the Best Mouthwash?

Cancer Foods | 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

8 Top Cancer Causing Foods You Need To Avoid 1. Canned Foods Canned foods are cancer causing not because of the preservatives used but because of the material of lining used in cans. It is bisphenol-A, or BPA. It was found that BPA affects the gene processing in rats directly. The changes in the gene […]

10 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat

– Hey guys, Jason Z. with Biowarriornutrition.com. Today we’re going to be talkin’ about the 10 healthy foods you should never eat, no where, not anytime. There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about products labeled organic, free-range, sugar free, fat free and the list goes on and on and on. I know it can […]

How Many Cancers Have Been Caused by Arsenic­-Laced Chicken?

Illegal Drugs in Chicken Feathers

Catching BIG wels catfish in Chernobyl (with a HUGE tumor?!)

it’s yours you’re gonna fight oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Strike? What’s that? Is that a tumor? I’ve never seen anything like this before there’s something over there oh my gosh oh my gosh I got one! Whoa! Quite a butchery work now… The smaller one has been dragged to shore […]