Camping + Beach Fishing for 9 Days Straight! (Camp Catch Cook)

Alright, we just made it here Brought all of our stuff, I got all my rods Hey, this is Pablo What’s going on? Where’s your site, right here? YES! Here’s James And, uh, we’re here for a week! See what we can catch, we’re trying to catch fish to eat, we’re trying to hang out […]

Beginner Beach Fishing: Catch fish fast with these baits! Cape Cod Experience

Today, we’re going to be talking about some great beach fishing baits: squid and cut bait. So, today we’re going to do a head-to-head challenge we’re going to be fishing for an hour using mackerel on one rod and our Super Salty Squid on the other rod. So we are fishing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, […]

How-To: Fishing for Sea Bass on the Southside (Hogy Herring Jig)

Now we’re filming this clip here on the Southside of Cape Cod just south of Martha’s Vineyard. but these techniques can be pretty much used anywhere where you’ll be targeting Sea Bass. Rock piles on the bottom, anywhere there’s structure so today we’re in 70 feet of water, fair amount of wind and current. So […]

How To: Jigging Through Sand Eels for Striped Bass

We’re on the back side of Cape Cod and around the corner from Race Point. So with all these sand eels — there’s literally millions of them here — when this happens, and the fish come up and feed on the sand eels. It can be very difficult to hook a fish because they’re just […]